OUT the Game: BC Wheel...?!

A standard game of OUT with BC wheels!

I have no idea if this is even possible, but is there anyone out there who would wanna play?

Possible tricks:
-Skate Mount
-Figure 8
-Suicide Jump Mount
-Ride Down a Curb
-Ride Up a Curb
& whatever else is possible!

mey man

ill try playing. i had just learned how to ride when i broke my arm at karate. i will try to ride again today now that its pretty much heaed up.

how long will the time be for tricks? just because between efverything iv ehad going on lately ive been crazy busy…


I want to try this! :smiley: That’s going to be fun! :stuck_out_tongue: I will finaly be using my BC wheel :slight_smile:

-GShoe _ _ _
-Mexico _ _ _
-Jakob F _ _ _

I’m thinking every 7 days so that the trick changes at a regular time every week. I think I’ll start the game next Saturday to see if we can get some more people to join.
I’m pretty busy too cause I have finals coming up the week after next, and then I’m free!

I can ride mine into a spin, then when I hit the center do a quick 180 rotation, and roll out backwards.

Do I need it on video? Dan Heaton filmed me doing it for Defect way back when. But then it apparently ended up on the (virtual) cutting room floor. Not even in the bonus materials… :frowning:

I’m pretty sure I can picture what your saying. My turns have been getting faster and tighter so I might give something like that a try. Any tips on beginning to ride backwards? It seems really hard.

If you can find the file it would be awesome to see it on video. There oughta be more BC wheel content out there.

Im in! even though i dont have a BC wheel myself :stuck_out_tongue: but my unicycle club has one, so I can practice every wednesday :slight_smile:

Sweet bro!

-GShoe _ _ _
-Mexico _ _ _
-Jakob F _ _ _
-OUK _ _ _

Not hard; the same as forward only you can’t see where you’re going, and your waist bends the wrong way. Same as regular unicycling as far as that goes. I think I learned by pushing off the wall (in a gym). If you ride into the wall and don’t turn in time, it’s the only way to keep going.

If I were Dan Heaton I might be able to find the file… :slight_smile:

hi guys. i might not be around this week/have time this week. so if its okay can i post a trick/video now?

Sure I let’s get started and if anyone else wants to join later we’ll give cut em some slack

aight…thank you :smiley:
nice and easy skate mount and ride. start off easy :slight_smile:


Here’s my video:


I tried holding the camera while riding which looks sort of interesting.

For this round I think we’ll wait a few extra days because the other people might not be aware that we started already

-GShoe _ _ _ (landed)(sets next)
-Mexico _ _ _ (set)*
-Jakob F _ _ _
-OUK _ _ _

Wednesday I should be possible to ride a BC wheel… Maybe I can get one before… :slight_smile:

OKay I have one now, buuut it’s raining frekin’ much now, so won’t be able to film it today… :frowning:

EDIT: btw did my first jump up and down a curb earlier (when it wasn’t raining ;))

Uploading my clip later :smiley:

Hope it’s okay that Im not just riding in the clip, if not I can make a new shot :slight_smile:

Hope it’s okay that Im not just riding in the clip, if not I can make a new shot :slight_smile:


Alright so it’s been two weeks since the last trick. I was gonna film a new trick today but it’s pouring rain… in June… in California. :thinking: I have no idea what’s going on. It’s supposed to rain through Monday. Anyone else want to post a trick?

Until we start the next trick here’s the list

-GShoe _ _ _ (landed)
-Mexico _ _ _ (set)*
-Jakob F _ _ _
-OUK _ _ _(landed)

what happened to Jakob?

Nothing happened to me, I’m just really really busy lately. Someone post a trick, if I have’t done this one before the new trick is posted I’ll take an O.