out riding on trails today

It’s a beautiful day in the SF Bay area, so out I went.

Today I rode in Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve, which is near the
intersection of Page Mill and Skyline, in the hills west of Palo Alto.

The best comment I got was “Oh. Simplification.”.

It was a tough ride. Up 300 feet in a half mile, then down 500 feet in a half
mile, then back the way I came. There are too many hills in these hills! The
views were beautiful though, especially from the peak of the climb.

Last time I rode on Canyon Trail, in Monte Bello OSP, which is a bit easier,
though far from flat. The scenery is also a bit different, as the trail is
mostly through the woods. At one point, a doe and her fawn bounded across the
trail in front of me.

I think next time I’ll try Ridge Trail, also in Skyline Ridge. It looks a bit
flatter on the map.

This being silicon valley, trail maps and other info are online at