Out on KH29 today, short video

I’ve been on 2 wheels for a while but I was out on the 29 today.

Wow so short and the pop up for the next vid came so early … nice but I felt like I was barely in before I was out …

…on another note, you made the 29 look very natural for off-road stuff … even for me, who as a rank beginner finds most everything intimidating but even more so a large wheel and then again on a rough surface …

But you made the 29 look comfortable there and as natural as any other wheel

Thanks, at 55, and with some decidedly old school riding habits, I’m not half the rider of many of the people in this forum, but I enjoy it.

The video was deliberately short. Youtube is full of 10 and 15 minute videos that people watch for the first minute or so then move on. Attention spans these days are shor… oh, look, a squirrel!

The 29 is an ideal size for what I would call “off roading” rather than “full on muni”. It is probably the most versatile size.