out of the mouths of babes

Yesterday as I was trying for the first time to juggle clubs on the unicycle I
noticed a little girl, about 6 years old, watching me.

I was finding it much harder than balls and usually just managed a couple of
throws before dropping. Then it came together and I kept it going a little while
and then dropped and dismounted in front of her. I exclaimed “That was the best
ever!” She paused a moment and replied “I’ve seen it done gooder.”

Re: out of the mouths of babes

i was practicing on my unicycle doing some spinning, i was getting the hang of
it but fell off a few times in front of an older couple, the man says to me,
“looks like you need a little more practice”. after that i lost it and beat him
over the head with my unicycle as the woman screamed in terror. just kidding, i
just laughed and said, “no i need a lot more practice”, then i went home and
didn’t do anymore practicing, LOL.

    ride on, Blaine

Re: out of the mouths of babes

When i was learning to freemount my 6’ unicycle…

one guy started to watch, and after a few failed attempts on my part, he came
over to offer me advice. he couldn’t unicycle but he was a physics major and
offered advice about the center of gravity and such.

then a small chinese kid basically heckled me for the next half hour or so until
i finally freemounted for the first time, yelled at the top of my lungs and went
home. now i’m teaching some kids to juggle during their gym class at a school
near my house, and that same chinese kid is in one of my classes. he was pretty
embarresed to see me in his class!