**Out Of The Game Street** Begginners/intermiediate .

hae every one im looking at improving my street skills so im posting a omp for beginners . for this comp you should be at the level of rolling 360unispins , big spins, small spins, and 7 set stair hops . kinda begginner/intermediate skills .

so the rules are :
1st person to land the trick on camera and post the link on this thread .
the next trick is chosen by the person who DIBBS it .

so , who wants to start ? .

Sorry, but this comp doesn’t sound like an Out The Game, more like a Back It Up with dibs…

So this is kinda like Back it Up but your trick can be on flat or down a set and it cant be a crankroll.

Naah - we should make it the same rules as the other OUT game.

Tricks should have to be done up or down something. After a trick is set, everyone else would have a week to match it or get a letter, and the first one to land it would get to set the next trick. Spell OUT and you’re out.

I’m definitely in if we do that. I’m well out of my league in the other game, so a beginner/intermediate game would be great.

A couple of questions -
How do we decide if a trick is too hard for this game?
Are crankflips ok or did you mean to leave them out?
Is a bigspin really an intermediate trick? Yikes.

Could someone explain what bigspins and smallspins are please?

Smallspin = 180 unispin + 180 body varial the same way

Bigspin = 360 unispin + 180 body varial the same way

here´s a back it up street


Wow. I really don’t think a bigspin is a beginner/intermediate trick. I can’t even 360 unispin yet!

arent they inward bigspins and smallspins?

EDIT: saw you put the same way. oops

PATS RIGHT IM WRONG :slight_smile:

i would be an, perfect level for me, the other out the game is too hard.

I would be in this if it was like the other one, but for intermediate…

I’m in, i think it should be the same as out the game but at a lower level and with a wider range of tricks. I think they should start off at beginner level and then go to intermediate after several rounds. just an idea.

ok - add names to this list if you’re in.

_ _ _ BoffyTheUnicyclist
_ _ _ tmoyer
_ _ _ gnomerider
_ _ _ gohabsgo333
_ _ _ eccycycler

I can film a trick tomorrow, but feel free to beat me to it if anyone wants to do it sooner.

How would this be for a rule? Tricks stay at the beginner/intermediate street level until there’s only two people left and then the limits are off. The winner of the round gets booted upstairs to the other OUT game and can’t play at the beginner/intermediate level any more.

o.k i think i made it confusing lol .
this comp is for begginner/intermediate riders .
the aim is to set a trick and the first person to land it wins .
to set the next trick you DIBBs it .
you have a week to land it and then if not landed it is changed .

the trick can be flatland , street , trials , or anythjing someone around this level wants to learn !!! .

have fun . who starts ? . :stuck_out_tongue:

oh soz , wats the difference ? .

So… you’re not making it any clearer.

Everybody is familiar with the rules of the other OUT game and it works well. No need to reinvent the wheel here. You called it “Out the Game - Street” so it should be limited to street tricks.

o.k sorry , im not fimiliar with the other owt of the games . i think this should be called back it up with dibbs . soz for confusion .
can somebody post the rules to both owt the game and back it up so i no the difference . thanks ,

I think it should be done with the exact same rules as the other out the game street but i think because allot of people who are beginner/intermediate don’t really ride one specific genera it should be for trail, street, flat, and freestyle.

yea , im confused
the rules ive set , wat game are they? .

Back it up:
Person 1 sets trick 1 (any beginner trick)
Person 2 does trick 1 and sets trick 2 (same video, different clip (or same clip))
Person 3 does trick 2 and sets trick 3
Person 4 does trick 3 and sets trick 4…


Person 1 sets trick 1
Persons 2 lands and puts a video up of him or her doing trick 1
Person 3 lands trick 1 also
Person 6 lands trick 1 also
-1 week ends-
Person 4 gets a letter (O_ )
Person 5 gets a letter (O

Person 2 sets trick 2 because they landed trick 1 first (well 2nd, after the setter)
Person 1 lands trick 2
Person 3 lands trick 2
Person 5 lands trick 2
Person 4 lands trick 2
Person 6 lands trick 2
-1 week over-

Person 3 sets trick 3 (not person 1 because they already set and can’t set again until everyone who is in the game has set)
-1 week over-
Person 1 gets O
Person 2 gets O
Person 4 gets OU
Person 5 gets OU
Person 6 gets O

Person 5 sets trick 4 (because they did trick 2 before anyone else who is eligable to set a trick(only person 4 & 6 now))
Person 1 lands trick 4
-1 week over-
Person 2 gets OU
Person 3 gets O
Person 4 gets OUT (and is out of the game until next time)
Person 6 gets OU

Person 6 sets trick 5 because they are the only person who has not set…