Out of the game for a while, need help!

So I used to ride a lot but then life got in the way and now I haven’t ridden for a few years. I’ve been looking for koxx one unicycles to get a rough idea of what mine would be worth now but I can’t seem to find anything! Are they a collectors item now? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue: Could anyone give me a ballpark figure of what it’s worth please? Koxx one orange bud frame, koxx trials seat post, seat and seat clamp, kris holm hub and crankset with a nimbus trials rim wrapped in a maxxis creepy crawler that’s seen better days… Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance


Location may be a factor in your unicycle’s value. Where do you live? If near groups of other riders, you have better odds of making a good sale. To find other examples of unicycles similar to yours, have you tried eBay? It’s the best resource I can think of, other than the Trading Post here.

Unfortunately, unicycles still have almost no value as collectibles. What you have is a used Trials uni with high end parts. Compare to other unicycles for sale with similar specs for a ballpark, and good luck!

More on collecting: The other day I was looking on eBay and saw and old Loyd unicycle (the one the old Schwinns were based on). It’s in much, much better shape than the one I bought (on eBay) years ago and confirms that mine has the original seat. It was offered for about $75, and I was about to buy it when I saw they were charging like $50 for shipping. NOPE! Or maybe I should make them an offer…