OUT of the game (beginner) all styles.

Who’s in to do an “OUT of the game” for beginner? :slight_smile:

-someone sets a trick.
-you have 1 week to do it, and upload the video.
-if your video isn’t posted within the week you get a letter.
-after 3 letters (OUT) you’r out.
-the last person that’s not out wins.
(try to start by something easy and them move up from that)

add your name to the list if you’re in. :slight_smile:

_ _ _virixe

I might be in. It depends on how beginner this game is. I am not really a beginner anymore. What level of tricks are you thinking of?

mabe up to 180 unispins,kick up mount,wheel walk, that kind of things.
but we’ll start with something easier, so that everyone can do it.

I won’t join then. I’ve already learned those tricks. Good luck :slight_smile:

Is still happening? I’m approaching that level you described and this would be good to make fast progress.

Sorry, I stopped because no one was joining, so I made one on Facebook, but the level is up now I learned 180,and 360 unispins during the game, it’s great practice. If you can, you should try to make one on Facebook and ask people to join on unicycle chat (a Facebook page) I have about 20 people on my game, and about 10 playing now. It’s realy good for practice and the chalange differs a lot, I learned tricks that I didn’t think of before.

woooah thanks for that page! never heard of it before but it looks huge! so just post to that page and ask who wants to play?

Sure if you know how to make a page on Facebook you can make it their or you can put a link to another website. But ya post their it’s the biggest page. Lots of pros are on unicycle chat so write what level they need to be to enter. It’s a great page. I might change my Out of the game page to “the weekly trick” or something like that, mabe “trick of the week” so if I do I’ll post on unicycle chat so more people can join.

I keep sending join requests but nobody is adding me </3