out of stock

i wanna get a unicycle on unicycle.com but it recently went out of stock do you know if they reorder even if they werent very popular or can you like request that they get more or???


hmmmm what unicycle…

What is it that you want?
Emailing or phoning them direct is probably your best bet. They’re generally very friendly people.

i have bean saving for a Nimbus 20-inch Trials


and thanks i prolly will just call them

The Nimbus is an incredibly popular unicycle. I doubt they would stop ordering them in.

usually they’re just waiting for the next batch to arrive, if they’re not going to order a particular unicycle anymore then they’ll take it off the site. Give them a call to find when they’ll get stock in.

Doesn’t udc own Nimbus?

yeppp but they dont make em right there…so they have to wait for the next shipment from the factory…

well this one seems to be in stock, I have been eyin this Nimbus version for a lil while…


yes nimbus is UDC’s own brand, designed by Roger at UDC Uk

I really like the look of the X Street. Although there have been some words about the X Street not being as good as the normal Isis Trials due to the frame. The seatpost is only 22mm, so it is weaker and the frame isn’t as strong due to the shape. I really like the look of it though. And the whole build is pretty much the same as the other Isis Trials.

What words are you referring to?
I haven’t heard of anyone breaking or bending the Nimbus X Street frame. Has anyone bent the seatpost in their Nimbus Street? with the frame being longer surely there is less seatpost exposed to get bent?


I would get the Nimbus X street is the ISIS is out of stock. I have an ISIS but I would of got a street if the price had been the same price like it is on other UDC’s (on the NZ UDC the street is $70 more).

It’s probably worth upgrading the cranks to moments and possibly the seat to KH.

BTW the street is probably slightly lighter if you cut the seat post down and possibly a little stronger too. Also the clamp is out of the way if you have a problem with bashing your knee on it (I don’t).

I would also find the 22.2mm post more convenient as I have a cheap 28" with that size post and then it would be more easy to switch my KH seat between the two.

You know, you can call and have them order something for you, and they will hold onto that order until the part is in stock. And once its in stock, theyll just ship you one.

IDK about UDC US but for the NZ UDC is usually takes months for them to restock stuff. I’d just buy the street. Same uni for same price but has a frame worth $30 more and a 22.2mm steel seatpost (some may think this is a good thing, some may prefer the 25.4mm alluminium one).