out of curiosity...

Whats the highest unicycle you’ve rode?

about two and a half feet!

Hmm, probably my 29er at about 250 feet max. The Colorado guys, or Nathan/Kris will probably win this one easily.

I’ve ridden a five foot giraffe.

u-turn i think he means in terms of hieght of the uni…not hieght of the terrain…and ive ridden a 5 footer

five footer

6-footer, I saw on a tv show a guy riding something like a 50-footer or maybe it was even higher inside of an emptied out silo =p

well the torker tx is five foot with the seat post althe way down and im to tall for that so its almost 6 foot

Sem Abrahams set the world record, kinda, of the tallest unicycle ever ridden.

I’ve ridden a 5-footer, aswell. Seems most people have - they’re a fairly common Giraffe size to find at unicycle meets. :slight_smile:

i’ve ridden a 7 footer. that was high enough!!

A 7-foot unicycle at sea level is of height zero. It’s 7 feet tall. The same uni in Denver is at height one mile or so, and is still 7 feet tall. :wink:

thanks for the geography lesson :wink:

hrmm, you’re right…well, I did Moscow Mountain Madness on my unicycle a couple years ago, and thats at about 5,000 feet.
so far I’ve ridden the highest unicycle!!

the biggest uni i have rode has been a 20" witch i ride all the time

7 foot coker

Re: out of curiosity…

On Sun, 26 Mar 2006 11:18:11 -0600, U-Turn wrote:

>The Colorado guys, or
>Nathan/Kris will probably win this one easily.

Kris and Nathan’s riding in Bhutan (Into the Thunder Dragon) should
win this category. Aspenmike is probably a good runner-up.

I myself regularly ride at about minus three meters. I loose to
everyone (so far).

SUBJECT LINE POLICE: The above should have been your subject line. Unless you want to get technical, in which case it should say “ridden.”

For me, 16’. That’s stupid-high. From that high up there’s no sense of the texture of the ground. You can’t see it from straight on, especially at midday. That just adds to the danger…

Ben and Brad rode the Crevier family’s 8’-footers at NAUCC 2003. Brad rode them when he was 10 years old. There are photos somewhere of him riding one.

I have ridden a nine footer several times. It has two chains one that goes half way down then another chain on the other side that goes the rest of the way. It has a lot of slop in the two chains so it was kind of hard to ride I fell off and slamed my heal pretty good. I won’t ride it again but the owner rides it all the time and juggles while one foot iddling on a busy street.

I have two six foot schwinns one with a 20" and one with a 24" wheel. I only ride them once or twice a year in a couple of parades and a little practicing beforehand.

I would ride a eight or nine footer again but only if it is in better shape.

Altitude wise I have ridden at around 13,000 feet and often at ten or elleven.