Out of action

Yesterday i came of my new BC wheel the first day i got it and sprained my ankle pretty bad but i might be able to get back unicycling tomorrow

thanks for sharing.
What BC did you get?

its the nimbus one and i cant wait till i can go back on it

how exciting.

i have fallen before too. Hey! i have an idea! everyone should post when and where they have fallen, and then we can feel sorry for them!!!

let me start: today i fell to the ground from my unicycle:)

wow! that was fun!!! quick everyone, post a description of your falls too!!!

Lol cant stand ankle twists last time I did mine was falling from a 360 unispin on my giraffe… hurt pretty bad I was off the uni for a week or 2 and thats sayin something for me :wink:

yep, you have a tendency to want to jump off 7 ft walls whenever you hurt your ankles:)

BC’s arent great for the ankles. I’ve twisted my ankles at least 2 or 3 times from riding a BC, mainly when doing drops.

oh my sic lol … there’s no way I’m even touching a BC wheel then. My ankle just healed from a rugby injury over a year ago. I’ve paid wayyy too much money for it to heal lol … i’m not ruining it now!