Out of action for 6 weeks!

Gutted, had to walk to work yesterday in the worst snow and blizzards we’ve had round here for years. Managed about 4 miles no problem but then the last few hundred metres I slipped on ice and broke my ankle! Means I’m stuck with a cast for the next 6 weeks, gutted!

Should have gone on your MUni, would have been safer :smiley:

Hope they give decent sick-pay at your place of work.

Now that is a bummer. I know from experience how frustrating it is to sit inside all day when you’re used to riding. Hope you heal quickly and completely.

Sorry to hear about your injury. I’ve been off the uni for the past two months due to an ankle sprain, :angry: but at least I was able to avoid the cast which sure leads to extra restrictions.

Get better and get riding soon.

That’s a bummer, feel really sorry for you.
If it wasn’t for the wind i’d taken my Muni to work today and would have definitely felt safer riding then walking in the fresh snow.

Wish you a speedy revocery.



I know exactly how you feel - I’m currently halfway through my 6 weeks in a cast having broken my ankle. I’m expecting to be out of action for longer than 6 weeks in total though - I’m expecting to need to spend some time doing whatever physio they recommend and generally building strength in my ankle and calf; people I’ve spoken to with first-hand experience have pointed out that the calf will waste away in 6 weeks…

I feel lucky though, since my fracture is clean, minor, straightforward - I won’t need any operations or anything. Someone I know broke theirs a few weeks before I did and needed a load of hardware bolting in, and will be on crutches and in an air-boot for months.

Are you in a resin cast, or still in a ‘temporary’ back-slab?