Our Videos

Do you guys think it would be better to post a new video each week at our website that is about 1 minute long or would it be better to wait a month or two and create one long video?

The defaulty is that each video I edit is only one minute long and when I put music into it I can’t even fit the whole song.

The Advantage is that it keeps our site up to date and you can see what were doing each week.

Whats the best way to piece all of this together :thinking:

i say wait about a month and make a good wholesome 3-4 minute video becuase if it only about 45 seconds and 15 seconds of credits… it get kinda of annoying becuase you wanna see more…


l MY thoughts exactly.


Good point, i’ll keep that in mind. Also do you know how to make the video LOAD FASTER . Ours take forever and their only 1 min long. 1 to 5 min loading times. I can’t wait that long.

What do I do?

Hello. I’m the Kevin Anthony was talking about haha. sorry to take your man. why dont you try uploading the videos into a unicyclist.com gallery and making links to them on your site that will let people download them through that? thats what i would do. it would probably go faster.


How do you upload (import) videos into the gallery?

Make your videos longer. The latest one was like 12 seconds long, 5 of which was credits. Also, do better tricks. It seems like you’re capable of more, so do it. Nobody wants to see every trick…like the top 10% of your tricks are what we want.

You can prolly cut the qulity a little too. A 6 minute 15mb download isn’t worth it for 30 seconds of video.

random thought: can new users post in galleries yet? did that ever get fixed? i’ve got a video of me falling that i can’t wait to share with the world.

Make your videos about unicycling. They upload faster that way. Videos about bicycles are so pedestrian that they take forever to upload.

Wow, I didn’t know that! You sir, are wise beyond your years.


It’s because unicycles have smaller frames, so with the same frames/sec you end up with a smaller file.

Use Divx or something equivalent to compress your video.

I like the videos that keep coming every week. When everybody waits a few months to post one, the board gets dead for a while.

Do both.make short videos,and long ones later on.

But,on the other hand,the not-so-hard tricks are smoother and more flowy-looking.