Our video

Hello people heres a short little video me amanda and a couple of others made. Have a look at it and reply what you think. Its called our movie


42 MB not horrible at least for us high speed folks…

it took me about 20 seconds to download… nice video i liked the stand up glide… much better video :smiley:


wow that video was alot beter than your other ones nice job guys (and girl)

nice vid!

I recognise amanda from BUC now, I had no idea who you folk were at all, but now I can put a face to the name.

I think me n pebbles spoke to you briefly at the BUC trials course one of the evenings there.

I’v been trying that hopping on the tyre malarky, I can get onto the tyre and hop on it no bother, I just can’t get back down to the pedals! Youse seem to have it sussed tho! Any tips?

Nice vid again!


Thanks for all ur good replies

that was really good! way better than your first one. I liked the stand up gliding, takes mad skillz. nice job!

you guys are good at riding but all of you are DUMB A$$ES like seroiusly, your not warning a helmet? It might seem cool to you guys but all I thought was I can’t wait till someone crashes when their gliding and smashes their head open, not to be sick and twisted but seriously.

What the point of insulting them because they dont wear a helmet? Personally, I dont usually wear a helmet when filming because I dont have a style. So the wear of a helmet is just a choice and if someone fell on the head without a helmet well TOO BAD !

For the video, great riding. There is some cool freestyle move.

Sorry for my english

as right as you are, you don’t have to be so rude about it. just tell 'em that they need to wear helmets if they don’t want to fall and die. that’s all.

Dope. Keep it up.

Nice gliding, Amanda. You’re really getting up some speed there.

My preferred method of getting out of hopping on the wheel is to sit down into wheel walk, like Leo Vandewoestijne does here, or to sit down the same way, but then bring my feet to the pedals immediately. No jumping needed.

Y is everyone concerned about us not having helmets. the only part of my body i ever hurt is my legs.

of course it is, but that doesn’t mean you’ll NEVER hit your head…and the one time you do, you’ll really really really really really wish you had a helmet.

dont get me wrong you guys are really good at riding, but i think its a dumb idea to ride without helmets. But hey it is your dision. Good job. And who is the kid that holds the handel on his uni with both hands? That just looks a little wierd. But what ever works for u.