Our Unicycling short film

This should probably go in Videos but anyhow. My friends and I who live in Alice Springs way out central Australia submitted this film to and won the local bicycle film festival. I hope you enjoy!


Brilliant. Delightful. A masterpiece!

Well done and congrats!

That was great, nicely done congrats!

Loved it, well done.

Lovely video. Well Done :slight_smile:


Awesome video!!! :slight_smile: Very well done!!!

Very entertaining and creative! Hats off! :slight_smile:

That was really great!

I just happened to stumble across this thread. Excellent video! That was fun to watch. I had a smile on my face the whole time. Thank you

I love the way you all mount your unicycles but thought the funniest bit was on the bridge when the third uni appeared as a giraffe…pure genius.



Love the “drunk” with the wobbly roll-back mount. That was genius.

Smiled all the way through. Well done!

Very creative. Enjoyed it greatly!

Thank you for good mood! Very interesting!

Very entertaining, thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Yes, that was a great touch.

good job in making everybody smile

I liked that film! It was well done, funny and with a nice little story. The music and black/white style on top of all that made it totally cool! :smiley:

Best regards,


Haha. Nice.