Our Unicycle Website:

Eenwieler is Dutch for Unicycle. We are based out of Midwest Iowa in a small town called Orange City. We unicycle in parades and many other events.

Please Check out the Photos At http://eenwieler.org/index.html

Our Unicycles in the picture on the site from left to right consist of : Sun 18", Sun Fatty 20", CyclePro 24", Torker 5ft, Custom Birdee 9ft extendable to 12ft, Nimbus/Kris Holm isis Trials, Kris Holm Trials, Nimbus II isis Freestyle, Cheapo Torker, Cheapo 16".

Thanks For Looking.

If you would like to contact is Please send an email to slawrensen@gmail.com, or call: 1-712-898-0260.

Check out our site: eenwieler.org

I really enjoyed your website. I especially liked the youtube link to davids first 12’ ride! It was awesome to see his confidence. I used to have an 8’ when I was a kid and wondered if I was the only one to drop to get off! It was a long way down, thank God he is young! Ha! Good stuff. Hope you get a lot of bookings and have a great time!

Wow! I want a 12 ft uni now! lol
Where would one aquire one in australia? or would I have to make it myself?

Everyone Go to videos and watch the Twelve foot ride!


If you want to get a twelve foot you would have to make it or custom order it.

The website looks fun!!! :slight_smile:
and your movie(12-foot unicycle) in awesome :smiley:


I finally joined the forums!

Isn’t that video of David great? Dang, i wish i would have been around to take the main picture with you guys.

nice website for your club and i love the club name:

because i’am dutch:p
keep on the good work.
are there any people perhaps grandparents that you know that can read dutch because then they could have a look at the dutch unicycling web page www.eenwiel.nl