our unicon video

i just came back today from unicon
here’s the link of our vid we made for unicon

so that people can watch it again or discover it!!!


– bobousse

why does it no longer exist??

This video no longer exists

Doesn’t work :frowning:

Works now :smiley: Nice pic Kevin.

Will watch soon.

:frowning: 1+ hope you fix it soon

you can download it if you have an account on vimeo… but to view it online it’s not avalaible yet…

Cool Thanks, I downloaded it, but 3 quaters of the way through it stops and closes :S
Strange, but everythign before that was coool :smiley:

Nice! the BC was nice to see and also the (name?) side flip (1:31). The uni to uni mount(s) was pretty cool too.
Drunk driving gets you killed… also the goat (?) you are riding.