our new names

this is amanda and matt. because of some moaning people getting confused of our identity, we have decided to make two new accounts :astonished: .our new names are uni-matt and amanda.gallacher. We are sure that you are very upset to hear this news.:wink:

Oh,Im completly heartbroken.:frowning:

im sure you are, but don’t worry cos im back.:slight_smile:


i heard you where going to the south west uni meet along with many other locals.

i on the otehr hand know only 1 other unicyclist and he never rides, so if you or of your friends have msn messenger could i please have there email addresses??



What did you do that for? You had something unique and inherently confusing going. You should have milked it for all it was worth. You at least can maintain all three accounts and add to the confusion.

And…you should have posted this in JC.

They still do, they ride unicycles :smiley:

ok. to keep harper happy, we will keep the same name.:slight_smile: ha ha. now you don’t know who is who anymore!:smiley:

hey juggling unicyclist joe.
we sent you a PM of all our friends emails.