Our New Movie

Our movie’s not done yet, but here’s a trailer for it.
It says that it’s called Tubuluni, which I want to call it, but it says that it’s called .U.N.I. in the movie, which was the name before we came up with the new one.
So, we don’t know exactly what to call it yet. But anyway, here it is.

Oh, and just as a sidenote:
My friend added that comment about ‘The Most Insane Unicycling in the World.’ I realize that we’re not that great, compared to people who are that great.

very nice, how long is it going to be when it is finished?

Hey james, the riding looks great! I love seeing the 2-footed wheel walking, and any other tricks i can’t yet do, for that matter! Any idea how long the finished movie’s gonna be? Thanks!


We’re planning on making it about 10 minutes, or maybe a bit longer.
My friend made the trailer, and I think that it’s way too long. But that’s just me…

its a good length but you show similar skills over and over again. try only putting a couple shots of each skill to keep it interesting. great job though!!

Nice work guys, I thought that ledge ride was particularly awesome.


Yeah, my friend put two wheelwalks right next to each other. Dunno why exactly he did that…
Anyway, our actual movie will hopefully have much more variety in skills.

good stuff i like the gliding out of the garage.

I like it!

Moscow Idaho? I think some friends of mine live up there. Is there a large homeschooling, Christian group there?

Famous? FAMOUS?

Name ONE! :smiley:

Sorry, old joke from my comedy days. Good work.

I think there might be, but I don’t really know. I know I’m not a homeschooled Christian, anyway…

Alas, yet another movie I can’t view for some reason. I think a bunch of you are using the same .wmv encoder! :slight_smile: Anyway, please note that the mpg format is the least problematic and therefore hits the largest audience. Nearly everyone can view it.

I can’t save the file as a .mpg… I think I might be able to convert it, though. I’ll see what I can do.