Our New "Custom" Koxx1 Trials

Thought you might like to see sort of a custom Koxx1 trials uni I purchased for my daughter. It’s from Renegade Juggling where Tom will let you mix and match any Koxx1 parts and frames.

Click HERE for the picture.

We went with the solid orange rim from the Orange Bud because it’s a lot stronger (wide, has eyelets, no holes) than the regular Devil trials rim. We stayed with the black Devil frame because it looks good with the rim, seat and seatpost binder, and doesn’t cost extra. Tom even sent a set of the Orange Bud decals to put on the black frame. The OB seatpost binder didn’t cost extra. The only extra cost was $10 for the camo seat from the Orange Bud. Net cost was $405 plus shipping.

I think this is a very strong uni for $405. I was also very impressed with Tom at RJ.

Now THAT is one sweet Uni!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

My fav. color too

thats a good price for that uni!
u got the street rim real cheap…

i prefer your black orange compared to the streetbud orange-green

and i would have got the luxury leather saddle but ehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

can i be daddy’s little girl

Very cool looking.

Dayum that is a sweet ride! I have a setup like that commin in in a couple days, only difference is im gonna have a red and black traditional saddle,. Other than that this is EXTRMELY close to the custom uni im gettin, nice pic(both the photo and the choice!) I have had a great experience with Tom as well, bot has a dealer in the past and a sponsor now. Hope she enjoys ridin that bad boy!

That is pretty cool looking
I’ve been thinking of getting a koxx devil frame as its cheaper to buy a new frame then it is to powder coat what I already have plus then I have an extra frame anyway if anythign goes wrong with one and the black looks cool.
How you finding it, is it a nice set up to ride?

Im trying to get the right uni for street and trials. But would that set up be good for street? :thinking:
IT looks so sweet :sunglasses:

for street and trials you want any length cranks from 125 to 145, and a 19" mod rim.

…and prefferably on the shorter end of that range.:slight_smile:

Looks great! RJ seems to be about the only place in north america to stock k1.

There is also trialsin.com and division8.ca.

They are really expencive compared to www.renegadejuggling.com

How long are those cranks?

hbtrials.com now carrys koxx-one unis. In canada too.