As first timers to unicycle conventions, I’d just like to say that the events from the participant’s overall view seemed seamless and wonderfully organized. I realize there are always going to be ripples in the works but ultimately, NWCUE did a wonderful job and are due unending thanks for their hard work and dedication.

The Edwards family had a great time, spent long days, visited with numerous new friends, enjoyed experiences we never anticipated having, and had an extremely enjoyable two weeks. It was great family time!

I think our highlight was twofold; we enjoyed seeing the beautiful Pacific Northwest, swimming in the Pacific Ocean and climbing the Cascade Mountains. It reminded us a lot of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. But more importantly, we increased our family of friends by leaps and bounds, good friends like David Buchanan and family from Aussie Land and Volker Heek from Germany, and many others too numerous to mention. Mary and I especially fell in love with the beautiful little Japanese girls who for some reason were very interested in my beard and enjoyed receiving whisker rubs on their cheeks.

Again, many thanks to the NWCUE crew and unmentioned behind the scenes folk who put on such a grand performance.

We look forward with great anticipation to seeing you all again at future conventions.

Bruce & Mary
Ben & Brad