Our club's newest unicycle sport

October 12.

Unicycle snowball fights and riding/aiming events.


Ick… Snowed here in Hamilton too.
It’s all gone now though.

snow? awesome. I can’t wait for this winter! I wish it’d snow here…

grrrr We got snow here too :angry: it’s not that I don’t like it, its just not this early in th year

Thats sounds like fun. How do you pick up new snowballs?

Is there a list somewhere of sports played on unicycles? I’ve wondered if there has ever been unicycle boxing? That would be fun to watch!

Yhea, I know. I feel your pain. The high here today was only about 65 F degrees. Alas, winter is here! I had to break out my winter gear - a hoodie.


Still in the 80’s to 90’s and humid as hell here…I wish it was cooler.

Our heater is broken… 58f in my living room…

You would not believe how much happier I was with cold snowball holding hands than I was during my entire time in memphis!! That almost killed me, Noo Doot Aboot It!!

Me too. Although we haven’t had much snow that stuck yet, the fall weather is pretty nice.

65F is sun bathing weather…


i want it to snow so bad!

Now that the temperature is sometimes in the 80s, I’ve been wondering if I should break out the goose down jacket… :thinking:

its high 40’s low 50’s here in oswego, ny…buffalo got like a foot of snow the other day…it was a record…like first time in 100 years or something like that

It’s 65 degrees here in La Jolla.

It rained yesterday and will today.

Lousy La Jolla.


… sorry i had to laugh @ that one
it got down lower than that the other day!!

for you
thats getting cold

Ours is water balloon fights.


I’m still too hot from the last time I was riding with you