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We had an absolutely wonderful time yesterday putting on a presentation and performance in two school assemblies. The elementary school whose gym we’ve been using over the past year invited us to perform for the entire school. We had a very limited amount of time but we were able to fit in quite a bit. We explained about our club and the unicycling community then had two volunteers come up to try riding (they were very good sports about it). The rest of their classmates giggled, hooted and hollered watching them try to ride. They were finally able to get up on top with some help from a couple of our club kids. I presented each of our volunteers with a little plastic unicycle keychain as a gift for trying. Then our kids demonstrated the skills we’ve been working on over the past year accompanied by some high energy music. The crowd loved it and especially loved watching our kids ride the giraffe and the ultimate wheel. I ended the show with some motivational speaking and a question and answer period. We were very well received and, I dare say, very impressive especially for our very first performance as a club (other than parades).

Then in the afternoon, the Jr. Highers in our club presented the same show to the Jr. High. I wrote the script but the kids did the show. They did a great job! The best part was that the kids received some recognition from their classmates for all the hard work they’ve put in over the past year. I took a few pictures at the Jr. High which I posted on the third page of our gallery, http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/theunicycleuniversity I didn’t get many pictures of the actual performance as I was running sound and other duties. The newspaper was there in the morning for our performance at the elementary school. I’ll post the article in the gallery when it comes out in the paper.

We’ve got another performance scheduled for this summer at a campground. We plan on making the weekend a club camping trip.


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>From: yoopers <yoopers.4uqaa@timelimit.unicyclist.com>
>We had an absolutely wonderful time yesterday putting on a presentation
>and performance in two school assemblies.

Neat! Sounds like it was a really fun show and that the audience loved it!

My daughter and I participated in an informal show for her school last
year(with the help of some visiting riders from Germany), and we still get
comments about it. The kids seem to remember that sort of thing.

Your group is off to a great start! Hope you stay with it and keep growing.


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good one!

it sounds like a stunning show
congrats and may there be many more

what kinda questions did u get from the kids during the q 'n a session?

Re: good one!

Very interesting lot of questions! I was maybe naively expecting some very child-like questions especially from the elementary school, e.g., can you pick your nose and ride at the same time? Instead, I was asked about our club, the costs of the club and the different type of uni’s, history of unicycling, is seat height important, etc. My wife playfully accused me of planting the questions in the audience. The kids really paid attention and were very polite. I complimented each of the school’s principals afterward on the great behavior of their students. The kids clapped wildly after each performance of a skill, of course I played it up big in somewhat of a circus ring announcer style. (oops, did I say circus). At the very beginning of the elementary school presentation, I asked if anyone had seen a unicycle before and was looking for the “at a circus” answer. When I finally got it, I asked if they could keep a secret which of course they could. Then I whispered into the microphone, “We’re not in the circus.” That led right into a bit on unicycling developing and existing as a sport of it’s very own and all the things that are happening in today’s world of unicycling.

By the way, on the costs of our club, our club policy sets an annual fee for club membership but we encourage newcomers come to as many meetings as they wish to be sure that unicycling is what they want to do. If they find it to their liking, they can join and begin pursuing the sport. If not, they can walk away with no financial harm done. We do rent unicycles for folks to take home to use. If they decide to join, we put a limited portion of any rental expenses they incur toward their membership fees. We also do skill level tests and award patches only for members.
Other club funding comes from tee-shirt sales http://www.geocities.com/unicycle_univ (a shameless plug)