Our club's first Muni ride

Six of our boys (one not pictured) headed out to Skare Park (pronounced “scary”) in Rochelle this afternoon for our very first official club Muni ride. The park is actually a natural habitat and prairie land area but they provide many marked trails through the meadows and woods. Lots of wide grassy trails then some pretty hilly single track all along side the river. There is a Skare picnic shelter by the parking lot and a Skare museum nearby (seen in the background). I suppose it can be a pretty Skare place if one is there at the wrong hour.

We were a rag-tag bunch but we had a lot of fun chasing a beaver, some deer, and running from a bees nest out in the woods. The weather was perfect and the woods beautiful. The boys want to head back to the park often.



Oops, forgot to ID the boys…

From left to right: Jerry, Ben, Brad, me, Will, Aaron (Steve not pictured).

Re: Our club’s first Muni ride

I misread that at first. Didn’t read the “a”. I was then shocked when I saw how young some of the riders were…:wink:

Great looking group of riders Bruce. “Scary” park sound like a fun, yet spooky place.

I noticed the yellow walkie-talkies on Ben and your chest. It that so you can call those young boys back when they get to far ahead in the woods? :smiley: --chirokid–

Hey Bruce, I can see that the ride throgth the woods at NAUCC has served you and the lads well. Those in our club really enjoy our MUni rides as another way to add some diversity from the routine of our practices. Enjoy!


I always love reading about the things you can do in and around Rochelle. I live in a big city and even when you can get up into the mountains, you will be lucky to see rabbits and lizards. His experiences remind me how life almost appears romantic in other parts of the USA.

Keep sharingl, Bruce.

We have a park inside the Austin city limits where I’ve seen deer, a fox, wild turkey, buzzards, owls (only heard them hooting at night), raccoon (seen mostly at night), lots of snakes and lizards (including a coral snake), and one mountain-biker said he saw a Bobcat!

I think you have to keep your eyes and ears open and ride off the beaten path in order to spot many of these animals.
When you hear a twig snap or some rustling in the bushes/trees, always check it out. I actually stumbled on a fox while riding with my Muni since it was so quiet, even with the Gazz tire.

You nailed it exactly. Ben, Brad, and Jerry have lots of riding experience, off-road cycles and I knew they wouldn’t wait for the rest of us. So the two-ways came in handy for keeping track of each other.