Our 3-wheeler minus one

You had to figure it would happen…

The boys had me remove the bottom wheel of the 3-wheeler tonight and create a 2-wheeler. I remember during Dustin’s performance here two years ago, he told the audience that a 2-wheeler really messes with your head. He couldn’t have been more correct. It was like learning to ride a unicycle all over again.

In the Torchlight Parade in Seattle last year, I rode beside Rocket for quite awhile. Rocket rode a 2-wheeler for the entire 3½ hours of the parade. Now I can appreciate the skill and stamina it took for him to pull it off. Others I’ve seen ride a 2-wheeler effortlessly: Connie Cotter and Gilby.


But just like our initial learning to ride, I expect that Ben and Brad will keep hammering at it until it’s accomplished. What fun!


yeah, it took me about the same amount of time to learn to 2 wheel as it took me to ride. with 2 years of riding in between.

I’ve been looking and saving for a two wheeler, but I’ve had to divert money into other things (BC Wheel, UW) Oh well maybe one day …

I’m going to start saving a 2 wheeler as soon as my other Unicycle arrives in June or July. But at the moment I’m saving to buy my own car, a station wagon.