OUI'07 Update

Registration has been lowered to $30.00 and will include lunch and refreshments for registered competitors on the trials competition day.

The Awards BBQ at the Roth’s residence on Saturday night is also FREE for competitors, their guests, and Nanaimo Park Juggling Club members and their families/guests.

Volunteers are still needed for both days (Saturday for Trials at Nanaimo Park and Sunday for the MUni event at Kanata Lakes) so if you would like to help out please give me a call or send me an email.

Director OUI’07

OUI’07 Schedule Update

Here is the latest schedule, subject to change of course!

Saturday - Nanaimo Park

Registration is at 9 AM

High Jump, Long Jump competition runs from 9:30 - 11:30 AM

Intro Uni & Basic Trials workshop 10 - 11 AM

Trials Course set up 11am - 1 pm

Lunch 12 am - 1 pm

Trials Competition 1 - 5pm

Course tear down 5 - 6 pm

BBQ 6 - ? pm - Roth’s Residence - 43 Nanaimo Drive - Across from park

Sunday - Kanata Lakes - see map on web site and available at registration desk (attached to this email)

Registration (if required) & course marking 10 - 10:30 am - Kanata Lakes

Beginner MUni race 10:30 AM
Sport MUni Race 11 AM
Expert MUni Race 11:30 AM

Uni Basketball - Nanaimo Park - 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Hope to see you there!


OUI’07 Results

The results are posted on the OUI’07 web site at

Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered to make the event happen. Check out the web site for more comments and photos.

A highlight video is in the making.

Until Next Time,

C. Roth
Director, OUI’07

I can’t wait for the video, I almost made the trek up there for this event.

Well you should have. It was totally awesome, like last two years.

If anyone is interested in riding out in Ottawa again, I just made a facebook group where I will post updates for events, group rides and the like. It should be easier to keep track of than our current unicyclist thread.

What is the name of the group?

Ottawa unicyclists


OUI’07 Highlites Video Posted

Karl has done another great job with this year’s highlites video.

The video can be found at the OUI’07 web page at http://carlroth.net/oui07/

or at YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQiBHkVZV7Q

C. Roth
Director OUI’07

that event look awesome.

thank you for video

nice one lads, looked like a fun event. I always miss BUC :(, id love to go to a convention some time.

that trials course looks fun