OUI Update!

Hey everyone, just to let everyone know that OUI planning is going extremely well. I’ve scouted out the location a bit and I already have over 100 pallets ready for the competition.

I’d like to start gauging the number of competitors, and there are going to be a couple things I still need.

At the moment I could use about 7 or more volunteers. Volunteers will also get free registration.

I need two preferably bilingual riders to hold learn to unicycle workshops for about 2 hours and then supervise and help riders while they do this.

So just a reminder to people.

Trials will be on June 20th and informal street, park and muni rides will be happening on Saturday June 19th!!!

I’m gonna be there! And I can be a volunteer. If I do the workshop thing will I still compete? because you wrote supervise, but I want to ride!:stuck_out_tongue:

As you know, I’m always ready to help for OUI! And now school’s finished so I have all the time I want:)

Hey Folks, A bit more info since I’m kind of failing at giving you guys the whole picture at the moment.

The workshops will be going on before the competition, so you guys won’t be allowed to ride the course anyways during that time.

Competition I think we had scheduled around 1, but I would like to have all competitors there before noon, so we can go over anything.

Also I will probably set up some high jump bars, and maybe do some pallet stacking for some informal high and long jump competitions before and afterwards for those that want. There will also be a bike trials demo going on during the workshops.

For Saturday, I don’t know what time people want, but at the moment I’m thinking Riding at Legacy Skatepark in Ottawa around 10 in the am, and then Muni around 1 location to be determined, and street downtown around 4.

Feel free to ask more questions as thats how questions and concerns get answered.

Also registration will be five dollars for the trials comp and it will go to cover the cost of materials for the course.

Helmets, gloves and shin/knee protection will be mandatory for all any events on Sunday just due to the fact that we are part of a larger event, but everything else is unofficial and therefore up to your discretion.

Things are looking Sunny and going well for planning.

I’ve got some pretty sweet medals lined up as well that will fit right in with previous years.