Oui 2010!!!

Hey everyone, I know I have been a very inactive member, and truth be told I haven’t really been doing much riding, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a few things in the works.

The first that I would like to announce is that OUI will be happening this year. Last year was a bit of a disappointment for many and I let a lot of people down by not getting my act together with it.

This year thanks to the kind folks at MEC, I have teamed up with MEC bikefest to bring you the trials portion of OUI. At the moment the date looks like it will be June 20th. I know that it is father’s day but there will be tons of stuff going on there for family as well.

With the trials on Sunday there will also be muni on Saturday and details for that remain to be determined.

At the moment, I’ve talked with the program coordinators about having a trials competition with lots of spectators, and an intro to unicycling workshop, with potentially more to follow.

Details are still being hashed out but the location looks like it will be Lebreton flats once we get the docs all signed by the NCC.

If you would like to help out with any facet of the event, please send me a message or email me at ntappin@gmail.com.

YES!!! If you need any help you already know my email and I’ll be there to help you!!! I was gonna ask you really soon on msn if you had any news about OUI 2010 happenning:)

EDIT: It looks like a great location too, there will be alot of spectators and it wont be hard to find! Right beside the War Museum.

yessssssssss! :smiley:

Oh maaaaaan that’s the day I leave BC back to Ottawa. On the bus though, so I’ll be 3 days late. Damn.

Good to hear it’s on though, good luck with it!

Any update on this?

Haha! That’s funny, I just talked to Nathan before supper about this! He told me it was all confirmed! But I dont really have more info than this unfortunatly. I can’t wait!!! It’s gonna be awesome!!:smiley:

Any news about this? I know it’s confirmed but do you have any times? cost? where’s gonna be the Street and Muni?

ONLY 14 DAYS BEFORE OUI’10!!!:smiley:

Info posted here!

Cost is 5 bucks and all that money is going to construction materials.

There is also a basketball team that would like to play around 8 oclock on Saturday night. Please send myself an email if you would like to participate.

Also a reminder that everyone will need a parent or guardian to sign the waivers for them on Sunday!

I jsut emailed you… again:p

Who’s comming?:smiley:

No idea, so far you are the only person I have talked to who is for sure competing. Lots of volunteers though, and a couple people interested for Saturday.

I have also lined up some pretty cool prizes, thanks to MEC!

As far as I know there’s also Max and Marty from Kingston who are comming as well. Well, it’s gonna be a fun competition. Oh, there might also be Wolfgang and 2 kids from Gatineau, I could maybe get 2 other:)

My parents are going to come, but only watching, they still can’t ride;)

No one from Monotréal is coming as far as I know. (except people from Gatineau/Ottawa…)

Yeah me and Marty are competing the Sunday only.

Hey I’m back early! I’ll try to show up.

Is anyone coming out for rides on Saturday. At the moment, I’m thinking of just doing the muni and the basketball game that Jean-Guy is putting together.

Which for those not in the know yet will be at 8 oclock.

Also if people would like to get ahold of me at all during the weekend, the best way is to text or call me at 613 608 9383

I was planning to ride all days, and I want to go at the Legacy Skate park, I’ve never been there:) Email me just to be sure I wont be alone at the Legacy Skate park tomorrow morning.

This looks like it’ll be great fun and if it werent for the rather long distance between me and the event i’m sure i’d attent, i hope you all have fun!
Legacy skatepark looks awesome…

Hey Jacob, at the moment you are the only person who is planning on going to Legacy or ride downtown. So if you are interested maybe we could do the legacy ride after the muni ride, then I could probably also drive you if you need a ride.

Sounds good to me, but you’ll have to show me a map(google maps) of where exactly we’re going to met for the Muni ride.

I would get a ride to the muni place and a ride back home probably, you could just give me a ride from the Muni to the Legacy Skate park, that would be cool. We could give up the ride downtown too, unless you want to ride, because if were only 2 we can just do it another day in the summer with some other people from Ottawa and Gatineau.

Yeah there is one other person who we are meeting for the muni ride, and I suggested we go to lime kiln trail/jack pine trail because it is closer to town.

The parking lot I believe is called Lime Kiln Trail if you are getting dropped off. Otherwise call or text me and I can meet you somewhere to pick you up.