OUI 04 Highlights video

Hey all,

This video is very overdue but now I have you all thinking about OUI…haha. I just got a new editing program so here is the outcome of a few lonnnng nights editing and viewing and more editing and soo on.

OUI 05 will be sometime late May, the date is still being comfirmed. And for all of you who were there last year it’s going to be WAY better.

We also possibly have an awesome indoor room incase the weather is not as nice as it was last year. :slight_smile:

Karl roth

26mb at 3.6kps …? :frowning:

Sounds like a good video, but the server is really slow… I can only get a 25kbs max…

Awesome vid! Solid music, good riding, and nicely put together… Now I just have to moce to Canada…

i’m getting it at about 40 kbps. not really fast, but i’ve done worse.

Wow, great movie! Looks like it was a fantastic event with some really amazing riders there. Loved those trials course clips.

Nice editing too. I also recently bought myself an editing program, it’s fun isn’t it! My first project was the movie linked to in my signature (the 51MB one).


I am doin 70kbps

Sorry for the slow downloads but the video is serving from my P200 MMX linux box in my office connected via router to my cable internet connection. I tried to post it to the gallery last night but the upload crashed. I will try again tonight.


Apparently for now the unicyclist.com gallery can’t handle uploads over 17MB or so. You may have to wait for the upgrades Gilby is working on.


great video! brings back memories of the competition…OUI"05 is gonna be awsome.


Nice vid. Who was the guy with the odd pedalgrab technique?

Nicely put together Karl! Really good choice of music. I’m not usually a big fan of still images in video clips but it seems to work okay here. OUI 05 should be a blast!


Watching these uni convention highlight videos always depress me, because I never get to go to any… :frowning: OH well, looks like it was pretty awesome.

Heeyyyy, I saw a crankflip pedalgrab!! I invented that, ya know… I just invented it after Mike Middleton did, and didn’t tell anyone who would care until after plenty of people knew about it…

Thanks for all the great comments! We are very close to confirming the OUI’05 dates so stay tuned…



I was amazing in that video. did u see me hop up that pallet. I think i have two down and ready for touque. I’ll see yal there. I am going to give ryan a run for his money.
Hey karl ur a god, that was a awesome vid, not a fan of still pictures but u made it work. call me if u want to make a killer video.

YO! thats crazy! see that wipeout…i could never do that line even if i tried. i got a got a low score…but my mommy and my sissy is still proud of me:D. i got such a good score at oui that im not even going to bother with TOque…thats all for now folks! yea good vid Karl…i know i could never be as good as you or Devon but ill keep trying :roll_eyes: