John Long on the top of stairstepper, jumping down like the rocks are stairs. Here he has just landed on the middle step. BTW-much harder than it looks!

:thinking: That’s the peace sign man! I know, it’s quite a bit before your time lol! :sunglasses: The question is, what’s JOHN doing??? Lol!

And going down the the “bottom” step. Look at his determination in his face! Of course he made it with that look!

Sorry Terry, I meant John so I fixed it.

This time John went for it all and skipped the middle step! He is in midair right now, even though it kind of looks like he’s touching the rocks. Overall it was about a 6-7 foot drop and he made it after only one or two tries!

Haha that’s what I figured you meant! Are there any more pics? (I’m guessing yes, you’re adding them at this very moment!)

Terry trying to ride this section instead of hopping down it. This is 0.1 seconds before he gets launched off and takes his big fall!

John watching Terry about to try hopping down it.

Terry in a nice pose!

Don riding Rock-It like a champ! He loved this section so much he rode it several times! It is a pretty fun section I’ll have to admit.

And last but not least John coming down Rock-It. (Sorry Justin for not getting more pics of you…next time.)

Nice shots! Looks like fun.

But where are the 29ers?

Not so sure a 29er would be robust and beefy enough to withstand JL’s 7 foot drop to flat! :astonished:

Thanks for posting the pics Jamey. Hopefully you’ll get some new cranks that won’t rust through like that. I’m still amazed that you rode the rest of the day on your 20" - nice work!

No comments on the sexy back yet? Ouch to be sure. You guys are so hardcore, I don’t think it would be fun riding with you other than to take pictures. As I’ve been of my unicycles for a month now, I’m all too aware of how things could have gone slightly differently for you and you could have wound up with broken bones or nastier marks. Glad it was just scrapes!

Jamey, I’ve seen you ride. You definitely got your money’s worth on those cranks. :slight_smile:


…goin through Muni w/drawel. No time to ride.

Keep it up gentlemen!!:slight_smile:

that does look great. You have it made… a place to ride and people to uni with. I have never had the opportunity to ride with anyone else. I am going up to the Detroit area over thanksgiving and am going to get a chance if the weather holds out. I cannot wait!!!

I did exactly the same thing but with a metal ruler with a nick in it and a razor sharp scalpel. And you’re right, there’s no pain to start with. Just a lot of blood.