Me, Jamey, John, Don and new Muni rider Justin did a great “trifecta” of trails at Aliso woods, including 5 oaks–hardcore DH with killer tech sections, Rockit and Lynx, and the most challenging of 'em all…“Stairstepper!”

This sucker is so bad ass that 99% of exp. mtbr’s won’t get near it! 100% rock with 7’ ledgies, and steep, steep, STEEP!

So I thought I’d try to roll one of these sections, at John’s urging, so I went for it and immediately got bucked off so abruptly and with so much forward momentum, I couldn’t land on my feet! :astonished:

I immediately went into a freefall tumble down the steep, bumpy rock. I caught air and hit the next rock with my craks totally vertical and the tire just “stuck” and off I went…er…FLEW! Below is the result. (Looks worse in person)
Some other bruises lower down (not shown haha!) but luckily nothing broken! I was able to jump right back up to my feet, prompting John to say, “nice recovery dude!”

Although they all knew it was a BAD fall!:smiley: It’s now been a couple hours since and I don’t feel to bad, so I can’t wait to go back and nail it next time haha!:stuck_out_tongue:

John & Jamey should have some cool action stills up in a while!

Too much visual info, Terry. What made those trails hard is the dusting of sand and loam on top of the rock. You punch out and go down in a flash. Kept me riding pretty conservatively for fear of bones showing. Jamey probably has better shots - I just grabbed a couple.






Yeah let’s see Jamey’s pics from stairstepper!

Ouch! Im pretty new to uni-ing and received my first uni-hockey injury on thursday gone its on my hand its cross between a graze and a friction burn quite sore.

Oooh, that looks fun!

that looks like it hurts:o . hope it feels bett soon.

:astonished: From that 1st pic, it almost looks like someone did a flying kick and landed both his feet on your back. :astonished:

But i hope it gets better soon like what oneisenough said. :smiley:

haha, that’s sure what it feels like now! It’s weird that it hurts more now…waaay more, than when it happened! :astonished:

yeah when i broke my femur(not fun AT ALL) it didnt hurt for like 15 min. yur body goes into shock, and also yur mind was prob off it 'till now.

Yeah that sounds right. I’ve heard accounts of people being attacked and bitten by sharks, and they say how there was little or no pain at the moment of the attack, just the overriding necessity to get to shore asap!

You’re like me then, cause i don’t feel the pain till much L8R on which i think is weird somewhat. :thinking:

Hmm, hopefully the same “delayed pain syndrome” will happen the day I die lol! That way I won’t have to edure any pain 'till I’m dead!:wink:

:smiley: :smiley:

When i got my dislocated leg, i didn’t feel the pain for 36hrs (that’s with no medication like morphine etc) But afterwards i felt this very intense pain that i wanted to throw a chair out the 5th story window of the hospital that i was near and follow it. :astonished:

Good thing i didn’t though. :smiley:

the pain doesn’t come till later usually due to an adrenaline rush that kills most of it.(I chopped the tip of my right hand little finger off in a chair lift “safety” bar and just stared at it because I couldn’t feel it once.) Later on you muscles start to “set up” and that’s when they become sore. I wish I had some sweet pictures from unicycle accidents like that. That looks like it was tons of fun though despite the huge fall.

Wow that sucks about your finger! Were they able to reattach it?

Btw, Jamie tells me that the pics he took today include my fall! ButI’m not sure at what stage of the fall it is, or if it’s at the beginning, just before the upd.

I had a blast riding with everyone on my “local” trail! I was a bit dissapointed that my crank snapped off within the first 10 minutes of riding though…guess it’s time to upgrade! Luckily I had my 20" trials so I one-footed back on the canyon road and grabbed it and then met back up with the group. BTW-a 20" is not the way to ride MUni…it’s so much slower and bumpier it’s not nearly as much fun as a 24".

This was Justin’s first MUni ride and he did really well considering he hasn’t been riding for awhile. He’ll be up to our skill level in no time! He took a few spills and got some scrapes but I don’t think that’ll keep him from getting into it. Terry by far took the best spill of the day. He’s lucky he didn’t get any more hurt than he did. Of course it happened to be on one of the hardest sections where if you fall forward and get launched, you have a steep rock decline to try and run it out, or roll it out as Terry did. Glad you’re OK Terry! BTW-the first pic was a bit scary since it looks like you are standing there completely naked.

“Hey you’re missing something and this time it’s not the other wheel”


A closer look at where and how it broke. I’m guessing this is just from wear and tear from abusing it over several years. I’m just thankful it broke on a realatively easy section and I didn’t get hurt!


Jamey, John, Justin, Terry and Don ready to rumble. Don’t ask me what John’s doing?!


What a beautiful day!


Where are the action pics??? :thinking: