i just want everyone to know…that i just busted my @$$ really bad and the pin went down the entire back of my leg and then nestled itself into my acheles tendon…and i’m in a lot of freakin pain right now lol


What pin though? lol

i mean the pins in the pedal

Pictures? Doctor’s note to excuse you from school? Can we laugh yet?

I did some unintentional muni coasting yesterday. No ouch. Just an amusing UPD.

i am lacking a band aid :astonished:

lol should i get pictures up?

Ouch! That sucks really bad. Did you get cut up all that bad, or just bad scratches?

Yes. While it still looks ugly and before it heals.

Were you wearing something like 661’s that protect the back of the leg? The 661’s don’t go all the way down to the achilles so that bit is still vulnerable to pedal pin bites even if you wear the armor.

Same thing happened to me once when I fell backwards, the pedal just drug right down my leg.


i don’t wear anything…mainly because i haven’t bought anything yet…and HOLY CRAP THAT IS BAD…thats kinda what it looks like but yours its a little worse…i just took a shower so it doesn’t look as cool anymore

Now you can say you just barley escaped a couger attack. You were so close and he grabbed at your leg and scratched it but you got away.:smiley: I’ll be your witness:)

haha ok…the worst part wasn’t the injury…it was the embarassment of the fall lol…i just rode past this guy…and i must have accidentaly kicked one of my feet off of the pedals…because then it scraped up my leg and then i fell face first and die a couple of rolls lol…then the guy walked buy and i was like “that was a good fall huh?”

Pedal tracks down your calf are a rite of passage for muni riders (and trials or street riders too).

My unintentional coasting bit yesterday would have given me some nice pedal tracks if I had not been wearing my 661’s. Since I had the 661’s on I suffered no physical damage and got to enjoy the comedy of the UPD.

what does UPD stand for i’ve been seeing it all over the place

unplanned dismount

UnPlanned Dismount

haha okay yea i do those all the time

Earlier this summer I dug up the back of my calf, it looked sweet and started to heal up nicely. Then a week or two later, I dug up the exact same spot and ripped the scab off, digging in deeper. Now I’ve got a fantastic reminder, a mocha colored three spoke gem of a scar.

You’re lucky it didn’t get infected. I was really worried when that happened to me because right afterwards I wasn’t thinking and rode through a puddle and it splashed a bunch of nasty water right on my open wounds. As soon as I got home I like immediately just straight up poured alcohol on the cuts…and that really…really really really stung…

Spend the money…

Go buy yourself some 661’s. Mine were about $26 at Blue Sky Cycling. Cheap considering the potential consequences of not having them. They don’t guarantee that you won’t get hurt, but they improve your chances.

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t been wearing mine lately, but then again, I have plastic pedals and am too old to do crazy tricks.