Man I just got a really painful uni injury!

While trying to see if my wheel and tire would spin in my original, thinner frame, i saw the bearings were not seated properly, but would ‘most likely’ be held into place if I tightned the caps on.

Well, because I didn’t want to waste the time, I simply placed the uni up side down, used my thumbs to hold the bearings in place, and used my index finger on each hand, to spin the wheel by pulling the spokes towards me.

I didn’t get either finger out in time, and they got pushed in between the spokes and frame, and there was nothing I could do until the momemtum of the wheel stopped, because of where my hands were now stuck.

Didn’t draw blood, or break anything, but it hurt for at least an hour!

I don’t remember if I felt stupid or not :o

That’s OK. I have bilateral senses which means I can feel stupid for you. I just hope I have enough time left to feel (see, hear, smell, or taste) stupid for myself. Stupid is usually funny, too, after it stops hurting. For me it is, anyway. I have ALOT of “funny” things happen to me everyday.

I had just gotten done unicycling, and had hitten my head once or twice. I stopped on a road to grab a sign from the Greek festival that had just passed. I was driving, slowed down to a complete stop, got out of the car, grabbed the sign, looked down the road to see my car rolling by with my $700 unicycle + all my equipment. Note: put car in park next time