I have a big problem. Ihave a double ankle bone. Whever i ride the bone push and rubed across the crank. My anckle is constantly black and blue. Does anyone here know of a product that would extend the petal farther fron the crank or somthing of the sort?


nothing to extend the pedals from the cranks that i know of
u may want to either wear hi-top boots that will cover and protect the ankle
or make very sure that your foot is perfectly straight on the pedal before u ride off
the leg-armour ppl will tell u about pieces of protection that will sort u out
try the straight foot first tho, it’s cheaper

There was something mentioned in this thread http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=18083 that might help you.

By the way, Gild, I was in Johannesburg last week (I just looked at your profile). If I’d checked it out before hand maybe we could have met up, minus my uni unfortunately (too big for my luggage). Mind you, I wasn’t too keen to venture too far from work/hotel after arriving at the airport to see 3 machine gun toting security guards running after a (possibly stolen) Mercedes and letting off the odd shot with no particular target. Our taxi driver managed to really sell Jo’burg to us by recounting tales of hijackings :astonished:

Have fun!