I had my first major accident and caused my first accident a couple days
ago, here in lies the tale… I was riding my unicycle down soem stairs a
couple days ago and when I reached the bottom stair, the unicycle just
kind of squirted out from under me and I ended up bruising my back and
dislocating my finger. In that same day I also managed to cause a car
accident(sort of) I was riding down this hill in town and these girls in
their car were watching me and not the road and they didn’t see the car in
front of them that was stopped so when they did look, she had to slam on
her brakes and swerve and she still managed to clip the side, it wasn’t
serious thank God for that, but that was the most exciting New Years Day
I’ve ever had.

now was that good or bad carma?or just carma?

Were the girls hot? Did you stop and help?