Ouch, that hurt. My first injury.

I always tell people that falling off a unicycle never really results in anything excpet shanging from a pedal to a fast walk. I am not talking about muni, tricks and stuff, just riding a uni.)

Well, after more than eight thousand km I have finally hit the ground. I was carrying a heavyand unbalanced load that I could not easily separate from and in an awkward posture. Lots of pedestrians (it was a festival) to focus on and not the ground in front, on cobblestones. The inevitable pause of the wheel and I pitched forward onto the hands.

Result - Bent the finger back on itslef, dislocated the finger, opened up the whole joint exposing bone, tendons. I bent the finger back sort of straight, pedalled around returning keys and passes to vasrious people and letting those who needed to know and then peddled off to casualty where I took the folowing happy snaps for youe enjoyment.


AWE! SICK! barf!

wow, i almost threw up… thats how awesome that is.

Ouch! Thats nasty!

Well t hen, I seem tohave done the groundwork for greatness. lol (pun intended)


Dude, you probably need stitches so that heals well.

Probably? How about mustly!

Eww. You just spoiled my breakfast.

I’ll eat it again later.

Get well soon.

Too much information mate :astonished:
“I broke my finger” would have been enough!

Hope it recovers nicely.


That made me cringe! Ouch!

I hope you’ll be able to get back on the unicycle soon :slight_smile:

On my very first long (i.e., out of my neighborhood) ride, I took a fall on some brick paving and bent my fingers back a little.
Now I’m really glad that I didn’t have your kind of experience!

Yes, stupid

Responding to you all:

No, stitches not required,but I had to see plastic surgery people for dressing it appropriately without. It would be a bugger to stitch it. The BIG concern with open joints is infection. I had an infection once when I crashed a hang glider and exposed my knee and wound up inhospital not for the dislocated shoulder but the infection. So now I’m on antibiotics, and a very particular wound-dressing regimen (Aquacell - lets gases out, not much in) and stuff. It is now binding beautifully.

I rode to the hospital. I was riding to work next working da, albeit with a sling. So my riding has not been interupted although I can’t mount the giraffe for a while.

It was nowhere near as painful as it appears. At triage the pulse was a nice 60bpm.

And yes, being this ridiculous is dangerous. It was stupid to put myself in the situation. Though a dislocation is a bit on the unlucky side.

It is somewhat possible that I will able to make a fully closed fist in about two weeks. At that stage I’ll be very happy.

Two weeks on and things are great. I can almost make a fist, albeit it needs a bit of time.

From a few days after I did it I have been able to carry about business as normal, even grinding and buffing a heap of pipes for a group project. Indeed, I was riding the uni to work as normal from the Monday immediately after.

It doesn’t hurt much under any circumstances.

And the skin is healing nicely. I am hoping the OT wukk let me straighten it without restrictions come Monday.

Maybe I should feel just a teensy bit guilty.

+1 :sunglasses:

That made me cringe.

But I guess it’s a great way to start the day.

I just noticed this.

I blew a launch at Sylmar and ground looped my glider of the side of the launch ramp. I was an advance hang two at the time. I was fine (well embarrassed as hell) but the glider needed some open joint plastic surgery. Man those tubes are expensive and so is the tech to replace them. At the time I was trying to save up for a vario.

Note to self, launch with wings level and balanced, launch with wings level and balanced.

Do you still fly? Its been twenty years for me but its not something you forget is it?

That did look brutal. Im glad to hear you toughed it out. No point in stopping for a lame finger injury. Haha
But seriously. Brutal.

Back on track - while still under treatment and some need for continuing to ear the brace foe a little longer, I did my first weights session last night since the accident. The lifting went fine and there was no adverse indications when I got up this morning.

I won’t chance freemounting the giraffe just yet though.

Acch! Disgusting. Thank you for sharing. There used to be always someone in these threads saying “Pictures please,” or have you already seen that?

It’s definitely doable with one hand – not that I’m recommending learning that at the moment. :slight_smile:

Why are there always lots of people around when we crash on cobblestones?? I had a somewhat similar experience many years ago, but the injury was to my camera, which got slammed to the ground pretty good. Took me almost three years to figure out what why I was getting slightly blurry pictures after that (prism out of adjustment)!