Ouch, my shin.

i should have been wearing shin pads is all i can say.

my right shin now has 3 bruises on it and 4 scratches, thanks to those good jimmy c oddessy pedals.


all i can say is hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahahhhahahahaha


Ouch, looks painful.


That’s why us cowboys wear jeans.

look down below at all the other treads that have ‘ouch’ in them :slight_smile:

Make a picture of your leg please.
I wanna see it :stuck_out_tongue:


well since then i’ve cleaned my leg up and suprisingly it doesnt look that bad.

okay here’s a picture, i took it myself less than a minute after impact.


It’s a really cool video!

ive done that many times. mainly doing uni spins. they cain like crap.

Looks cool but painfull :smiley:
I had the same marks on my leg from hitting the pedal against my leg and THROUGH the 661’s :astonished:
Would be mutch wourse when I didn’t have them on.
So thank you 661 :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, that sucks, i hate being injures. i hit my shin real hard last sunday and had to get 9 stiches. but, im getting them out the day after tomorrow! no more crutches… yessss

yeah it seems like whenever i think i’m not going to be doing and jumping or tricks or whatever, i end up doing it. and since i think i’m not going to be doing anything like that, i don’t wear my shinguards. of course THAT’S the time i get the worst pedal bites. :frowning:

also, i don’t have any hair on my legs so the bruises/scratches/missing chunks of my shins are 10x as visible. :smiley:

2 days ago i was jumping over some wood and took a pinned pedal to the shin. instant 4 inch gash. strangely, it didnt hurt even in the slightest.

PDRM0135 (Small).JPG

PDRM0148 (Small).JPG

were you Ice Cold?

lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Tis a flesh wound. Only make a thread if you see bone.