Ouch...My Seat Hurts!

I have a 24" Torker LX Unicycle. I have only been riding for about a week, and usually less than 1/2 hour in a day due to seat area pain. I used to be able to ride uni 12 or so years ago, but for the most part, I would consider myself quite a novice again.

My pain is usually a quick sharp burning pain in the groin area caused by the seat. I am not bruised or swollen that I can tell, and it only hurts when I am on the seat. It is making me not look forward to riding. Oh…and sometimes my family jewels will take a bit of a hit but it is nothing serious. It’s kind of scary though!

I saw an air or gel seat that I could buy for a hundred bucks. That is kind of a painful though being that I paid almost exactly as much for the whole unicycle being that this is my starter. I imagine that I should invest in a pair of bike shorts as well.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


if you dont want your seat to hurt, get a kris holm saddle for alot cheaper than a an airseat. besides they only work on miyata. kh seats are the most comforable(just dont wear dickies when riding it though cause it will give you a rash) I highly reccomend this saddle

Are you riding in jeans or pants with a thick seam? That could be the problem.

Before spending a bundle on air seats try some padded cycling shorts. I always wear padded cycling shorts under my regular shorts for any prolonged riding.

All my regular shorts have a very flat seam.

(On the other hand; I rode on a standard issue 1976 Schwinn seat wearing Levi 501’s all through High School and College. I must have been tougher in those days :wink: )

Re: Ouch…My Seat Hurts!

It’s not hard to make an air seat yourself, especially if you convert a miyata seat. The only extra thing you need to buy is a small inner tube, so it should cost a lot less than $100. Trouble is, you will hear bad things said about stock miyata bumpers these days. And when you’re learning, you don’t need bumpers that crack and shatter easily. But anyway, try searching for air seat construction threads. Good luck.

p.s. If the pain is caused by chafing, try using lubrication.

Ah, yes… The Torker LX. a good unicycle, with a wide enough frame for a Kenda Black Smoke off-road tyre.

This unicycle comes with a Miayata style seat, unless I am very much mistaken… Which means that for about 3 US dollars and half an hour of time you could MAKE YOUR OWN AIRSEAT CONVERSION… All you need is a 12" inner tube and a drill.

There is an excellent page on how to do this at unicycling.org and this is a link to it.

I did this conversion on my own Torker LX (because I was riding about 14 miles a day) and it’s excellent. You may also want to consider making a fabric tube out of suitably non-strechy fabric to put around the middle section of the tube, under the cover to keep that section from getting too wide.


Yeah, I’ve been riding recently with shorts on underneath my jeans, and it helps, all my discomferts have stopped

Re: Ouch…My Seat Hurts!

I’ve had at least three different saddle pains when riding.

At first, my inner thighs chafed. This pretty much went away by

When I started riding long distances (2+ miles) at a stretch, I
experienced partial numbness from constant pressure on the nerve
pressing against the saddle. A KH saddle and bike shorts helped a little.

The last pain is the jostling the boys sometimes get when I land on
the seat. Usually not a biggie, but who wants pain there I ask you.

After a few months, I broke down and bought some $120 Pearl Izumi
Microsensor 3D shorts [http://www.pearlizumi.com]. Yeah, I was
thinking “can shorts really be worth the price” too! But they have a
channel that looked like it would relieve the nerve pressure and great
fit. All I can say is I liked them so much I bought a second pain to
use when they are being washed.


I the time since I read this thread, I went out, bought a tube, tore my seat apart, and now I’m back in business on my new airseat. I wish I had done this a lot sooner!

My only word of caution is that when you open up the clips that hold the shell onto the base, be very careful not to break them off- I did that to two now and have to devise some sort of a system to get the seat back on the base there now with my new seat.

Re: Ouch…My Seat Hurts!

Whether you end up with an air seat or not, definitely get some biking shorts.

I have a couple of pairs of these. Nice padded shorts only $29.00 each.


Hey, I’m a new rider who became instantly addicted to unicycling about a week ago and have been spending a lot of time at it (5+ hours most days). This came with some serious soreness in the groin area the first couple days! My cheap solution? I took a small cotton hand towel, folded it just right and duct-taped it to my saddle! I had to experiment a little with the position of it and folding it to find a comfortable thickness, but once I got it, I could sit there all day as comfy as can be! I still want to make an airseat just for fun though and I imagine it would be even more comfortable than what I have!

Another thing, I found wearing briefs to be much better than boxer shorts to keep the dangly things in place and comfortable. I would like to try some of those bike shorts though.

kh airseat conversion

To those who claim the KH saddle cannot be (or is usually not) converted into an airseat, read on. I just received my first KH “fusion” seat; for those who don’t know, that means that the seat cover is removeable. The KH seats are VERY U-shaped for starters…I HATE that. (I am using the seat for long rides on my coker) So after removing the seat cover, I removed the foam as well, leaving the plastic seat and stiffener. I then used my heat gun while STANDING on the seat turned upside down, in order to “flatten” the seat by about 50%. Then I did the same thing to the seat post bracket. Then I bought a gel pad seat cover at my local bike shop, and a 12" inner tube. Drilled a hole for the stem, in the seat, used duct tape to secure the tube and keep it from expanding to far, then put the gel pad over the tube, then finally replaced the original seat cover, handle and rear bumper. NO FOAM NECESSARY! Then pumped it up a bit and WOW!!! I rode it at the beach bike path for MILES with NO pain! I have a pic if anyone wants to have a look. You can email me at Pianolover88@hotmail.com.


KH Saddle and United Seat Post from UDC


I got a Torker LX 24" for Christmas. The stock LX saddle bruised me badly after only a few sessions.

After reading through these forums, the standard Kris Holm saddle sounded like the perfect solution.

Let me say, that the folks on this forum know what they are talking about.

With one email back and fourth with the support folks at UDC to determine the proper seat post and I placed the order.

United Seat Post with 4-bolt rectangular pillar bracket
Chromed steel seat post. Select the appropriate size.
Base price $10.00
Seat Post Length 400-mm Add $4.00
Seat Post Diameter 25.4-mm (1-inch)
Quantity : 1
Price : $14.00

Kris Holm Saddle
(permanent black cover has Unicycle.com logo on the back)
Saddle comfort can make the difference between a fantastic or a miserable
ride. Kris Holm manufactures the most comfortable and durable standard
saddle available. Now available as a Fusion saddle or Air Saddle Choice!

Base price $39.00
Saddle Color Preference Black
Saddle Preference Permanant Cover (standard)
Quantity : 1
Price : $39.00

The price of the seatpost and saddle are a little over half the price of the Uni, but are worth every penny.

I’ve been riding happily ever since.

The helpful support person at UDC was: Amy Drummond

Do yourself a favor and place the order.

Darren Johnson
Grapevine, Texas

I’m a little ignorant on these things, would that combination also work successfully on a Torker CX 24"? I’m having a lot of saddle soreness on my 1mile+ rides and would like a good solution.

The Torker CX has a small seat that it too small to be comfortable for anyone over 7 years old. For the small tykes though, it’s a great seat.

The KH Fusion or one of the low profile half-height KH variations with the gel pad would be a good saddle. They’d fit the same seatpost that you have for the Torker CX.

Aight so I’d just buy the seat, and reuse the same seatpost screws that are on my current seatpost?

This’ll probably be my choice, if so:


It comes with bumpers and screws for them, right?

Yup, the seats come with the bolts and nuts necessary to attach them to the seatpost.

The full height KH seats can be a little too constricting for some folks (like me). The half height versions are more open (less deep of a “U” shape) and more comfortable for some people. That’s why the ideal seat is a personal choice. What one person really likes may not be what you end up thinking is the best seat.

The neat thing about the Fusion model is that the seat cover is removable so you can trim down the foam to a shape that more suits you if you so desire.

Aight, cool. I’ll spend the extra $15 for the Fusion cover then.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

why not get the one with a handle? it’s quite handy.

Would that work for learning freestyle tricks?

And also, would you recommend shelling out an extra 40 bucks for the KH air saddle, or just the 15 for the fusion cover?

well the air saddle is better for Muni or distance rides that arent too long… for freestyle i’d say stick with the fusion since you wont really need the comfort of an air saddle… but I was wondering why not a miyata saddle ?