ouch, my lower back

I have begun riding again and raised my seat a good 1.5" from what I felt was comfortable. The seat was raised in an efort to avoid some knee pain I was having with the seat at my original height. I might add also, I pumped up my air seat to what felt hard. Before, I had the seat very cushy. So the overall increase in height may be more.

I went out on a 2 mile ride along a creek bed, yesterday, that had about 5 spots of short 8 to 12 foot climbs in it. I couldn’t ride up any of them. I constantly stalled.

Afterward, my lower back was really in pain. I can reach the pedals and my hips don’t rock. I think the pain was caused as I pulled up on the seat handle, but couldn’t lower my hips low enough to get leverage to push on the pedals. The raised seat would stop me from lowering my hips enough, so it felt.

Anyone else had a similar problem. Do we all lower our hips(this assumes out of seat climbing) when climbing?


product review section eh?

id say you recieved a faulty back and you sould ask the maker for a new one.

or,have you tried a quick-release seat collar?you could move your post up & down on the trial so the load is varied.


Tired I guess. I am moving it over.


That’s a good idea.