Ouch! embrassing problem

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie to this world and glad to be a part of you

Here is my problem:
I just experience the 24" for one month. I can mount my bike without support sometimes and ride it for about 80 m occasionally. ( a toddler biker:) )
Not to mention those shin scratches, I also have a groin problem (I am male).
While practicing, the seat keeps to rob my groin. Any way to avoid that? Or, it is
Kind of embarrassed to ask such a problem

I’m sorry about your problems, and welcome to the fora! My rule of thumb is to “put your stuff in front” if you get the drift. Also, for future reference, watch out for calling a unicycle a b*&%, you never say the b*&% word on here. It will undoubtedly hurt your crotch, but you’ll kind of get used to it. Enjoy.:slight_smile:

There have been lots of threads over the years in rec.sport.unicycling about this subject, use the search function to find them, there’s a wealth of information, it’s a very common problem.

ya it’s normal thats just a sign that the unicycle likes you ;).

no really i’m just kidding allways have the package infront of you never under you becouse by the time you get to you’r destination it will be crunched;)

:astonished: never insult a butiful 24" unicycle in that way!

:astonished: :astonished: WHOA DUDE. relax will you. :astonished: :astonished:

I apologise for my over reaction. You seem like a nice person moimoi :slight_smile:

Apology accepted thejdw. Feeling better now?? :smiley:

much :smiley:

there are too things that might be going wrong.

  1. you might be sitting directly on your balls. they should be nice and comfy, right in front of you.

  2. you might be experiencing chafing. this is when you get big rashes on the inside of your thighs. solutions to this, is to wear bike shorts, rub chamois cream on your thighs, or to buy a less scratchy saddle.

I hope this helps, Miles.

@thejdw and Hazmat - please dont have stupid, off topic arguments in the uni articles and tutorial forum. save it for JC

you could just chop your balls off, or just call your unicycle a b*ke again then Im sure someone from the forum will do it for you.

Im only jokeing. Alot of people ask “doesnt that hurt your balls?” and my answer to your question is the same, I just tell them “there fine, they ride up front” I tuck mine up so everything sits on top of the seat up front. wearing cycling shorts help stop the rubbing of your thighs and also it helps keep your “kit” in the same place so it means you dont have to keep mauling and adusting your uh “kit” :smiley:

:smiley: Ouch

I always wear the tight boxers. It automatically puts the “jewels” in front. And after that, it’s just the way that you subconscious seat down not to crush them:)

I tried a cup, and then a jock strap.

I rode for 4 months without learning to free mount. When I held on to something to get on, I would arrange my package by hand before riding off. Free mounting, I couldn’t do that, so I was off to become a supporter of my local athletic store.
I tried the cup first. Apparently they are not designed for sitting. With the jock on I took the KH20 out to an empty field. I had ridden a lot with a 24 and a 36, but only used the 20 to learn to idle while watching videos inside. I just did this today !
With the jock on I could arrange stuff, pull it tight up front, and it stays there. I learned to mount, roll hop, and go backwards a bit all in one afternoon. What fun !
So anyway, the jock solved the “isn’t it gonna hurt if I just jump on the seat”
problem. :slight_smile:

ya you just got to ride alot and you wont hurt anymore. well my butt gets sore if i ride 2 kms without hopping or anything because im just sitting one a KH Fusion Street Saddle which is not that comfy for just riding around.

BIF = Balls In Front

no pain, all gain :slight_smile:

that sounds about right, actually

I was going to say that!!!

My friends have to terms for BIF when it comes to unicycling.

  1. Believe In Fate.
  2. Become Insane Freaks. :smiley: