Ottawa unicyclists, READ THIS!

Ok guys, I think we should start a club. I don’t believe that this has been done in Ottawa yet. If it has, correct me!

I think that we should just start out by getting each others email addresses. So, if you live in Ottawa and are interested, send me an email at eevench[AT]gmail[DOT]com (yes, of course you will have to replace the [AT] with an @ and [DOT] with .)

Please include the following information:
Name (at least first name and last initial)
Location (by area in Ottawa or nearest landmark. Im between Bayshore and Carlingwood. Lincoln Fields would be the closest shopping centre…)
Unicycle ability (use this scale: 1 = beginner, cant ride steadly. 2 = can ride for long distances, mount, do the basics. 3 = can do more than the basics. 4 = wow.)
Anything else.

I want to see how many people are interested. The idea would be to have a club for people to meet and unicycle together. This is open to anyone in or around Ottawa! Even total beginners or anyone who thinks they might want to learn.

So, if you’re interested send me an email! Hopefully this will fly!

there is actualy already a unicycling/juggling club called the nanaimo park jugglers, they meet every sunday and wednesday. here is their website

I don’t know if there are enough unicyclists in ottawa to really build much of a club but if you publicize it enough and get a good enough following you could pull it off. I will probably go as long as I enjoy it.

Yes, Im aware of that club. But I think that we need another one. Why? I think that circus style unicycling is for some people, but others want to do trials, Muni and freestyle. Some people just want to get on one wheel! The purpose would be to promote and get people involved with unicycling as well as a means to get unicyclists together. Even if there is only a handfull of us in ottawa, we can still have fun! And maybe we can even get more people involved.

I think you should go there because they aren’t a circus, many of the people that go there are just unicyclists, I went there last sunday and there were about five people counting myself that were there as unicyclists. I wouldn’t quite say that its more a unicycle club than a juggling/unicyclist club but it sure is getting close. Anyways, like I said I would probably still probably participate. But I’m just saying that there are other clubs out there, plus the NPJ offer an indoor venue to use during the winter months.

I’m down for a club of sorts, as long as it’s near downtown ottawa. Basically anytime i’ll go for rides with people, but due to a lack of car and funds, transportation is limited. But if you want to ride trials, why would you go anywhere but downtown??
As far a location, i’m at u of o.


Agreed. Downtown is a really good place to meet because:
a) Lots of stuff for trials, like you said.
b) Many people live there, buses get there really fast. Great accessability.

But, for Muni we clearly could not go downtown! Camp Fortune is a good place for it, as well as Kanata Lakes. There are also some nice trails around different parts of the city that I have found.

Hopefully we can get lots of people into this. Im sure that there are many more unicyclists in Ottawa who aren’t on this forum. If you know any, refer them!

Unfortunatly for muni there aren’t many places that are accessible for most people. The only place I know of that isnt bad and is busable is around the sportsplex.

But yeah downtown is definatly the best place for trials.

The skatepark at algonquin is a pretty sweet place to ride.

How much riding do you do during the winter Ryan? I went downtown a couple weeks ago while the weather was pretty nice and I found everything around Ottawa U. was still pretty icy and the same pretty much everywhere.
I rode around algonquin recently and it was pretty much the same although last weekend was really nice.

Yes, access to Muni trails is hard because you wont find them in the city! We do have some good trails around Ottawa though. Fortune is farther, and requires a car to access. Same with Kanata. Im not even sure if these places want unicyclists riding on their trails, but I think they could be convinced (after all, we DO have better handling than bikes in some senses. But once again, downtown is good for trials. Also, we can’t we just RIDE also?

I know someone who is deeply involved with the Mountain Biking community around here. In fact, she is my next door neighbour. Some of you may know her, her name is Dominique Laroque. She knows all there is to know about trails around here, so I could probably get lots of info from her.

wow I didn’t realize they got together during the winter also… I’ll have to send carl an email for the details (unless he reads this)

My brother and I are in the Cornwall area and are interested in meeting up with ppl in Ottawa… I can’t say we’d take the hike every week but at least once a month. Eroick according to your scale my brother would be a 2 and I’d be a 3. (I’d like to say 4 but I’m nowhere near ryan’s caliber)

I’d be great to ride with a kris holm factory rider… congratulations ryan, after seeing yr video’s I can see why you were picked.

Great! Another person interested! Well, maybe two :).

So, we need to think of how to advertise. Maybe bike shops that sell unis (and even some that don’t) could help out. Another way to advertise would be by just riding around. I have had many people ask me about unis when I ride.

If anyone has idea for advertising, let me have it!

I agree with nathan though that being there is a current group that has regular get togethers why start another… I’m up for anything but it’s always better to have one large group than two small groups that fade away…

I still think its worth a shot. No harm in trying. The Nanaimo Park Jugglers has a real focus on juggling.

It may go nowhere, it may work, ether way it’s worth a try!

Hi guys,
There are more unicyclists in Ottawa than you can shake a stick at. I’m up for another club, that sounds great.
Don’t forget about the Ottawa unicycle invasion that takes place in the spring. It’s a two day trials and muni comp.
This town rocks for muni, have you ever ridden at Camp Fortune or Kanata lakes?
I’m 35 and ride muni and 29er on the road. I’m liveing near the Bay Shore mall.

Cheers Dave

hey guys club sounds good to me but i live in kingston and would have to discuss this with beener but i think we could come every month maybe along with victory and his brother.

Well there are six of us at Merivale counting myself, I don’t know how many would come out for a meet but I’m sure most if not all of us would come out to the first one at least.

The only problem with this that I can see at the moment is finding a place to do it during the winter. I’m not afraid to be outside but it would be nice to find somewhere relatively dry or ice free.

For the summer maybe we could do a weekly meet somewhere different each week, like a trials meet downtown every other week and then a muni meet up somewhere in the inbetween weeks, then when it is raining or something we could find somewhere to go that is dry for some freestyle/trials.

Wow you are gonnna go from cornwall to ontario. Are you goin on holiday.


[edit] I didnt see it was Canada I thought it was England, my mistake. I was gonna ask for a list.

lol yeah …
anytime I do a search for things in my area I get cornwall UK not cornwall Ontario…
Cornwall Ontario is about 100k south east of Ottawa Ontario.

Ok, if you are interested please do send me an email. Have your friends send me an email too. I want to get emails so that we can all talk and arrange things.

I’m one of the members of the club. My dad actually runs it.
Its not really a circus and the name in deceiving…because there is actually quite alot of unicycling that goes on. In the winter is a pretty decent room to ride in but can get a little crowded. If you drop by give us your e-mail and we’ll put in on the list because we routinely go out for rides on the weekends whenever possible.

In the summer we go outside where there is a park that has a few different trials obstacles. It runs on wed. 7pm-10pm and on sundays from 3pm-5pm. There is more information at

There is also a club at Uplands Base that is held in a School gym.

Another club is always better though!


Yeah, the NPJ is completely open. You can do whatever you wish there. And, since about 90% of the people who attend also ride unis, you’re always in good company if you uni.

Personal garbage: I’m 25, liv downtown off Rideau (about 8 blocks from Ryan), i ride street, but not all that well: 4-set jumps, small ledge grinds, 180s, stuff like that. I’m up for riding anytime when it’s nice out, so you’ll always have me and Ryan to ride with if you come downtown. We are the only 2 downtown residents that i know of who ride though. You see others here and there, but very rarely. Most of the other guys are willing to come downtown though, if given notice.