Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 29-30 May 04

I have received a number of registrations - thanks to those who met the deadline. For those still thinking of comming please email me and let me know preferably with a t-shirt size if you intend to buy one as I have to order them by 11 May!.

Cheers and hope to see you at OUI '04 - 29-30 May in Ottawa Canada!



XL shirt for me !

Ryan Atkins and myself will be there.

Jeff and Carl will not. Both of them will be out
of the country.

See you soon,

i’ll be there and i’m looking forward to it. xl for me.



Jeff has a CD of music from the composer who did his “Reserection” video that he said he was going to bring for Karl. Would you mind getting it from him and bringing it down?


Looks like we will have a good turnout!