Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 28-29 May 05

Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2005 (OUI’05)

I am happy to announce that the Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2005 (OUI’05) will be held 28-29 May 2005 right here in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The web site is up at . Check back often as updates will be posted once details are finalized. Early registration ends 7 May so be sure to send it in soon!

Be sure to check out the OUI’04 highlights video to see what a good time we had last year.

The plan for this year is to add a Muni Race and a Jousting demo/competion to the Trials , High jump and Long jump competitions. We will also end the weekend with a group Street/Trials ride in downtown Ottawa. Lastly, we have a backup indoor facility booked in case of rain.

Stay tuned for more details and hope to see you all there.

C. Roth
Director OUI’05

(613) 293-5856