Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2008 (OUI'08)

The 5th Annual Ottawa Unicycle Invasion (OUI’08) will be held on 24-25 May 08 at the Constance Bay Community Centre in Constance Bay Ontario (Constance Bay is practically a suburb of Ottawa). Registrations must be received by 6 May 08 if you want to guarantee your t-shirt order and if you want to avoid the late registration sur-charge. Check the web site often for late breaking news! For more information contact either of the event directors: John Fremont, Director OUI’08, or Carl Roth, Deputy Director OUI’08.

Dang, I thought it was going to be in Carlsbad Springs. Constance bay is way too far out for me :frowning:

Guess I’ll see you guys next year.

I’ll be going and others from Ottawa too so I’m sure you’ll be able to get a ride both days!

I think I may and try to make it to this. Sounds fun.

OUI’08 Rides From Ottawa to Constance Bay

Heh, if you can get to Ottawa then you can get a ride to Constance Bay. Just let me know and I will see if I can organize one for you.


That’d be great, thanks! I live in Ottawa, it’s just that I don’t have a license and the one hour drive is a bit much for those who can drive.

Hey Carl,

You can definitely count us from Montreal and Quebec ! Those last 3 years were awesome ! So we wont miss it !

I hope the t-shirts won’t be like last two years… with liquid paper to correct the years :wink:

Thanks for organizing it again !


I am most definatly coming, OUI 07 was the best…and im sure OUI 08 will be too…

Is it a long-jump, high-jump, trials competition Carl?



First I was broke and had no money, the year after that it was my ex’s college grad, then it was work/broke, then it was my finals/broke, this year I’ll have a newborn… Maybe I should give up and just wait until I retire… (Then I’ll prolly have grandkids grads…)

Don’t read that, you don’t actually really need gloves…I think.

I’m comming too. So finally, is it at the skatepark ? That would be really cool !


Quick question, if I do go do I need to enter any events? I’d love to just have fun over there, I’m not necessarily good enough to compete in anything.

I’m going to assume the answer is no.

If it is like the last 3(maybe 4) O.U.I., yes, you can. But the point is that you don’t need to have any level to compete, that’s why there are 3 different categories: beginner, sport, expert.

But there is always people who just go to watch and learn.

15 Days Till Early Registration Ends - OUI’08

Just a short note to remind everyone that early registrations must be in by 6 May 08.

Sending in your registration early is very important as it helps us to determine how many people will be at the event. Also it ensures that you will get a t-shirt. This year’s design is almost done and is pretty kewl.

If you would rather register on site and pay the extra $10 then please send us an email so we can determine numbers. Some T-shirts will be for sale at the event.

Remember if you want to guarantee that you will be able to ride on the course you should register. We will have a car this year! The event runs on a very small budget so all registrations help us to break even!

Lastly we are working on a show for Saturday night that will be free to all registered riders (and a small fee for everyone else).

Hope to see you all there as this year is going to be a blast!!

Deputy Director OUI’08

want a ride?

Bryan do you need a place to stay?

I’ll be going to OUI 08 and if anyone on a budget needs a place to stay in Ottawa, I have room at my place and can give 2 or 3 people a ride to OUI, depending on how much gear you have.


Any updates on the video and results ?

Thank you,


I emailed John Fremont the other week. He told me that Karl is in the making of the video, so we should have them soon.

I really want the results up though :slight_smile:


Sound’s cool I might have to come one year.