Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2007

The Ottawa Unicycle Invasion (OUI’07) will be held 26-27 May 07.

For details check out the web page at


OUI’07 Registration Details TBA

The OUI’07 Registration details and printable form will be posted in a couple days. I will announce it’s “arrival” on this forum.


Oh thats a really good news. I had a blast those last two years and I’m coming for sure this year. I will try to come with some of the rider from here.

I cant wait to see you all ottawa riders.

Thanks for organizing this event

I’ll be there too for sure ! I wouldn’t miss it for anything ! A complete week end, just me and you, Julien, with all these unicyclists… :roll_eyes:


Sweet Carl, I’m glad to hear that you got it organized! I can’t wait for this, I just got back from Moab and I’m totaly pumped for this.

Thanks for all your work organizing this event again Carl. I will be there for sure and I will have atleast one other rider with me for sure. I was looking for a reason to not run the Ottawa Half Marathon that week-end and I guess I found it.

Will there be any workshops and is there a Campground close to your place???

Hey Carl, I was going to print off the poster and the flyer and none of the links worked.

OUI’07 Web Site Links

Sorry for the broken links. Actually the links do work there is just no document on the other end! I will make a concerted effort to finish the missing docs.

Thanks in advance for comming and keep spreading the word…


Hey, Beener, if you really want to go camping, there are some really nice parks in Gatineau. They’re about a 1/2 hour drive or so from Carl’s, though. If not, just let us know. I’m certain that people can offer you up a bed, couch, or floor, and a free shower… which i’m sure will be nice after a day of unicycling. Just let us know. Don’t be shy; everyone is pretty cool about that sort of stuff here.

Hey Carl, is there any word on those flyers yet? I’m going to a big bike event thing this weekend and I figure there will be at least a few people interested, so if I had some flyers to pass along it would be quite helpful.

Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2007 Update

Sorry for the taking so long to sort out registration details but the site has now been updated. There will be no advance registration by mail so just show up in the morning and register at the event. T-shirts may or may not be available as my t-shirt committee hasn’t done anything yet. The BBQ on Saturday night will be held at my house locate across the street from the event location and will be FREE to all participants and your family/friends that came out to watch you ride! The BBQ will feature hot dogs, hamburgs, salads, desert (probably make your own ice cream Sundays), fruit, refreshments, some spirits for the adults, music and as Darren Bedford will be there it is sure to be a lot of fun!

Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2007 Update

Yes OUI’07 is still on!

Here is the latest:

Lunch will be free for registered competitors (it is included in the fee).

T-Shirts are still a strong possibility - Karl is in charge.

Cash prizes are being considered.

This could be the last event I will organize so lets make it a good one!!!


ryan atkins will be there?

According to the Facebook event, he’ll be there.

He said he probably won’t be able to come on Saturday unfortunatly, but if it rains he will still be doing the trials comp on Sunday!



I am looking for a very cheap place where we ( 3 persons from quebec ) could sleep on saturday evening. I dont care for comfort as long as it is not in a car.
So if somebody knows a cheap place in ottawa please let ne know before saturday.

See you Saturday !!!

Thanks you !

I would offer up my place but I work until 11 Saturday night, I would check this out.

If that doesn’t work out maybe I can work something out for you to still stay here, I have to work until late Saturday night but if you still need a place we may be able to work something out.

Hey, i have a floor in my small living room. Tony already claimed the couch, but if you have no where else to stay, then you could always crash at my apartment, but you’ll need sleeping bags and pillows. I liv on Rideau St.

I guess we can discuss it on Saturday.

Ouch that would be a rough weekend. I will try and sort some way out for you guys to stay at my place, we have two guest rooms and a bunch of couches, only problem is I work from the second the trials comp ends until about 11.

OUI’07 Results

The results are posted on the OUI’07 web site at

Thanks to everyone who participated and volunteered to make the event happen. Check out the web site for more comments and photos.

A highlight video is in the making.

Until Next Time,

C. Roth
Director, OUI’07