Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2006 - OUI'06

Is there still a OUI ? because there is 40% of showers :frowning:

I would like to know it tonight because I’m planning on going there for 12h00 so I must leave my house by 10h


It’s not looking too promising for the trials comp, but we won’t make a final decision until tomorrow. If it’s still raining, we’ll head to Kanata Lakes for some nice muddy muni instead. The BBQ will be on rain or shine.


I think we should meet at Nanimo Park at oneish. Then we can decided what to do from there. 40% chance of rain though… :frowning:

if it is raining, I would like to do a trials/street ride downtown or perhaps a skatepark ride if anyone is interested. The skatepark should be empty if it is at all wet so it would be a perfect time to do it. I agree with eroick though on that we should meet at nanaimo and make decisions from there to include everyone in whats going on.

only 30% this morning… It’s may worth that I go

w00t check it out!:

so at the nanaimo park for 12h30pm??? right

that was awesome ! the trial course was so nice !

is someone going to post the official results?

thanks guys for organizing such an event

see you next year !

any movies??

I’ve got a bit… there were a few vid cameras there… it’ll take me a few days to actually make it though

I need to take some recovery time… :stuck_out_tongue:

I had alot of fun aswell, some of those lines were extremely tough. You really need to keep track of your time aswell.

Congrats to everyone that participated.

I was happy that I met ntappin… he is cool guy

so now the question is do we make a thread for posting the picture or I just put them here…

random pic:

Julien you were also a pleasure to meet, and very impressive. I like that picture, nicely represents it.

Alrightey guys… Here’s what I’ve got:

It’s basically from the end of the competition as I was kinda busy during to do any taping. The video is exactly as I taped it for now and at a low quality… when I get more time I’ll try to clean it up or something…

Yeah! It was awesome! Thanks to everyone who organized it and everyone who came out! The weather was awesome and so was the turnout! Some lines were really tough, like nathan said (like the line that he spent about 1/4 of the comp on and finally made it!) I didn’t have a camera, so im hoping to see so cool pictures from other people. Ottawa, and Ontairo, have a larger unicyclist community than I thought. And of course, thanks to the random sponsers, Penzoil (hey, it isnt even a word) and Quaker State! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a short video here as well. The Kingston Kamikaze Crew had a great time as well. Thanks to everyone for a great day and keep checking the forum for Ottawa region rides on Saturdays, would love to see more guys and gals out, Ben

Nice vid. The end was so funny! I was standing right there, laughing. I really love how you can so tell the expression on his face.

Yeah, the event turned out awesome, especially considering how little promotion went into it - and how dicey the weather was looking yesterday. I think we ended up with 28 competitors, which was almost as many as last year! And the weather turned out to be awesome.

A big thanks to all the people who showed up early to help haul everything over there and to Jeff, Karl, Devon and Thomas for helping me set up the course.

And a huge thanks to everyone who showed up to participate! It was great to see so many people make it out, especially the guys who drove in from out of town.

Next year will be even bigger and better!


The event was very much awesome. If anyone’s noticed throughout most of yesterday, I say that word a lot, but I truly mean it! I very much wish I showed up the day before to help build and participate in this elusive sport of unciycle jousting that was at the community day though.

It was great seeing everyone that I haven’t seen in a long time, and new people I’d never met before, and thanks to the organizers of the event, to my “personal coaches,” Joshua & Maggie, who kept bugging me to finish more than the first line I attempted, and to Charlie & family for the more then plentiful afterparty!

When I get home I’ll have pictures to post. Oh, thanks to Pete as well for the multitude of pictures of me falling :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait for next year!!

Yeah, that bbq was killer! Endless thanks to Charlie and his folks for all the organizing, supplying, hosting, and cooking that they did for it. Woah.

I’d also like to thank Darren a whole lot for taking my uni completely apart, repairing it, and reassembling it. That was really nice, and well appreciated. Those new Bedford Team Rider shirt designs are killer, too. I can’t wait until they are available. For all those who haven’t seen the designs yet, beware, you’re going to be damn impressed.