Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2006 - OUI'06

This years OUI’06 will be held 4 June 06 at Nanaimo Park (the site of OUI’04) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, starting at 1 pm. Please be there to register by 12:30. There will be no advanced registration - just at the site. For a map check out the OUI’04 site at

We could not secure a suitable indoor facility so the event will be held outside and be subject to weather - if it rains it will be cancelled. As a result, the event will be scaled down with no new obstacle building, no trophies and no t-shirts. There will be prizes and a BBQ pool party that will be held only a couple of blocks from the event location.

If there is an entry fee it will small.

Basically it will be an informal trials event with a nice party afterwards.

A web site may or may not be created. Check for more info.

Please send any questions to me at .

If we can secure an adequate indoor facility for 2007 we will be back on track with a big OUI’07 . If you have any ideas for an indoor facility in the Ottawa area be sure to give me a call.


C. Roth
Director OUI’06
(613) 293-5856

Awesome thanks for the info Carl, I can’t wait to compete. Do you know if there are going to be different difficulty levels?

I don’t mind paying to compete if it makes a difference on the level of competition to be held.

Uhg! I wish i could go but all of my money is tied up in my trip to Niagra Falls for the filming party with Brian. If only it were a little later in the year. Oh well. I hope to see some great vids of you guys! have fun.


mine too :frowning:

Oh well Brian…we’ll have lotza fun…we have Owen! And we have me…im all fun. lol.

Thanks alot for the info.
I’m excited:p

See yall there!

Awesome stuff. Count me in!

Sweet it’s almost time for OUI! This is going to be my first out-of-Toronto event that I’m going to try and compete in. Of course I’m desperately out of practice. Eep! I have like… 2 weeks!

Maybe I can make it… I’ll see :slight_smile:

The event will have lines from beginner to expert. All lines 1 pt. - the most points wins. I am not expecting a large turnout as if it rains it will be cancelled. It will be more of a fun event. Next year if we can get a site similar to OUI’05 we will have a really serious comp.


Some of you may have noticed that we are trying to organize a similar event in quebec city. If you can’t find an indoor facility for 07, consider bringing the invasion to quebec (where we would use the circus school)! We could call it QUI! I’m seriously considering comming and convincing others to come with me… we shall see :slight_smile:

mike :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. The entire Kingston Crew will be coming up. We just added a new rider today as well. He learned to ride halfway down the street and he is very excited.
Good thing we have lots of unis’ at the house. Count 4, maybe 5 of us for sure. Don’t know if any will compete though. See you there!

Oh Come on! You guys would do good… it’s all for fun anyways.

I’m there for sure but it looks like Braun can’t.

I just talked to a guy from newfoundland I met while riding and it looks like he will probably be comming out and maybe even joining us on this weekends ride.

YEA ! I’ll be there !

and hey IT’S THIS SUNDAY !

So no Street or Muni ride on Saturday, then?

You out-of-towners should really come up on Saturday morning and make a whole weekend of it!

its friday and im here now!
is there something going on tomorrow yet?
i heard someone might be organizing a muni ride.

Where are you staying, lil? I’m probably going to head out for an 11pm ride tonite.

There’s nothing formal planned.

A few of us locals are doing some unicycling for the community day event at Nanaimo Park (same location as the OUI competition) from around 2-3 in the afternoon. Jeff Groves is also planning to join us. After that we talked about heading off for a ride. Maybe some muni at Kanata Lakes. It’s all going to be very ad-hoc and highly dependant on the weather. I’m not sure what the deal is going to be with the community day thing if we get the thunder storm that is currently forecast. We’ll also be finishing up some of the new obstacles for the trials comp at some point during the day/night.

So really I’m just here to tell you that I have no idea what will end up happening, other than some of us might be going for a ride at some point during the day.

I know. I’m so helpful…


Thanks for all the inof everyone. We should have made plans to come up today and crash on some couches for tomorrow’s OUI Day. Anyway, see you all tomorrow. Ben