Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2005 Results Posted

Sorry for the delay but the results of OUI’05 are now posted.

There are also some links in the gallery to various sites where photos and videos are posted. I will be posting more photos and videos as time permits.

Lastly if you have ANY comments about OUI’05 please post them or send me an email so that we can make OUI’06 even better!!!

Director, OUI’05

Here is the link: .

Is there any release date for the 0.U.I. '05 Highlights Video? Is it still in the works?

I’m looking forward to seeing it!

and when is OUI 06 ? got any news ? because OUI 05 was a lot of fun !


Jason Alleman has made a video of Jeff Groves, Himself, and Joel Burges. It can be found in his gallery…

I plan on editing one in the near future once I get some spare time.


OUI 06 is still kinda up in the air…so far it is planned to be much more informal due to certain issues regarding space, insurance, cost etc…

The dates are not yet confirmed but it should be around the same time as the previous years.

hope that helps,

Once things are finalized we’ll post it immediatly


okai thanks a lot !

Thats too bad that it won’t be as big as previous years. At least the trials comp in quebec should be pretty big.

Any word on this? I heard Jason mention something about it being somewhere around the first week of june but june is approaching quickly, I might have heard wrong but either way time is a ticking.