Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2005 (OUI'05)

The Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2005 will be held 28-29 May 2005 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Check out the OUI’05 website for details at including the OUI’04 Highlights Video. Check back ofter as details are still being finalized.

This year’s event will see the addition of a MUni Race, Jousting demo/competion and a group Street/Trials ride in Downtown Ottawa.

Hope to see you all there.

Director OUI’05

(613) 293-5856

OUI’05 T-Shirts At Toque Games

I will be doing an early run of the OUI’05 T-shirts so that we can wear them at Toque. Anyone who will be at Toque that is interested in buying one can email me for details. I will bring it to Toque. We expect to be there Fri morning.


OUI’05 Advance Registration Open

Be sure to take advantage of the advance registration savings by sending in your paid registration by 7 May. You can download the form at .

Thanks and see you in Ottawa 28-29 May!