Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2004

For those who didn’t hear at the TOque Games in Toronto last weekend, Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2004 (OUI '04), is on!

On 29-30 May 2004 Ottawa, Canada will be host to what could very well be the biggest unicycle event ever held in Canada’s National Capital Region! (Ok it may be one of the only unicycle events ever held here!)

There will be a Trials Competition, Learn To Ride Work Shops, Skills Level Testing, Unicycle Basketball, a Statement Ride to a group dinner at a local restaurant and Darren Bedford of Bedford Unicycles will be there selling unicycles. Darren will also be taking orders that he will deliver and set up at the event.

To Register or to find out more information check out the OUI '04 web site at or contact Carl Roth at (613) 293-5856 or reply to this post by email (after removing the “spam”).

The OUI '04 web site is continually being updated so check back often.

Click here for an event poster: .

Remember: Say “OUI” to Unicycling in Ottawa 29-30 May 04!!!

Carl Roth
Director OUI '04

Re: Ottawa Unicycle Invasion 2004

Don’t forget the one UNICON and several International Cycling Festivals that had unicycling events.

I attended two of those International Cycling Festivals (in Hull). The first was in 1985. They had a big unicycle basketball tournament featuring many Canadian teams as well as the Puerto Rico All Stars. There were also some unicycling shows. It was a huge event, with concerts every night, and most every form of cycling you can think of, including HPV racing.

I went again in 1988 when there was again the main tournament, plus shows and a few races. This was the only time I’ve won a cash prize for unicycle racing. Also, their “around the government buildings” race was one of the first MUni-type unicycle races I’ve heard of.

In 1991, UNICON V was held, also in Hull. The dorms we stayed at were across the river in Ottawa. It was one of the smaller UNICONs, but still had over 100 competitors.

I don’t know what’s happened to the organizers of those events, and their club, La FOU (Federation Otouaise d’Unicycling, something like that). Are any of them still around?

Anyway, that’s just a little history. Nothing to take away from your coming event. Besides, all of those were centered in a different province, right? :smiley:

We had some great group rides during those events as well. Riding along Ottawa’s canal and locks, in front of the Parliament building, and around the museums. I highly recommend it if you have time at this coming event. I wish I knew how to attach more than one picture to a post. I’ll stick one here and then a few others in separate posts. Ottawa/Hull is a beautiful place! Get there if you can!

This one is our group ride in front of the Canadian Parliament building in 1985. It was featured on the cover of IUF Unicycling, inside the USA’s On One Wheel in 1990 or so.


Also in '85, this is Daniel Dumeng of the Puerto Rico All Stars. Daniel is also famous as the inventor of the kick-up mount. In this picture he’s going for the dunk, where you stand up on the tire and leap to the rim. Ottawa is in the background, across the river.


Our 1985 tour group. Sem and Teresa at the left, me in the red shirt, Ken Fuchs in front, three guys from Puerto Rico in the middle. The little kid standing at the far right is Normand Beaumont.


There’s Normand Beaumont again, this time on their Obstacle Course. This was designed along the lines of a windsurfing course, with two identical courses in a mirror image of each other, that the riders race through at the same time. Exciting to watch, and it drew hundreds of spectators at that big public festival!

Oh. Who’s Normand Beaumont? He was later the host of UNICON VI in Quebec City (1992), one of the best UNICONs ever!


Crossing the canal locks at the Cycling Festival in 1988.


And yes, the main event was always basketball. Here’s Normand again, against the three Abrahams brothers on the Semcycle team. Note the referee and official’s tables in the back. These were serious games!


Daniel Pellitier (I think) at UNICON V. There weren’t very many Freestylers in Canada yet.


Javier Ruiz was the men’s Individual Freestyle champion.

Sorry if I’ve hijacked your thread. I just wanted people to see that, though today the Ottawa area is kind of getting a fresh start, there is a rich unicycing history there, and anyone who can get up there is urged to go and see those two beautiful cities.


Thanks John!

Your “correction” to my “assertion” is most welcome. I was living in Ottawa from 87 - 91 and don’t remember seeing anything on the news. I taught myself to ride in 92/93 but didn’t do any serious riding until I started the Nanaimo Park Jugglers here in ottawa in 2000. We have hosted a couple small events that had some of the unicycle basketball players from Hull come out but there hasn’t been much organized unicycling activity to speak of. We held a workshop last year and this year, inspired by the TOque Games, which we attened, we have decided to make it a 2 day event.

Anyway thanks for the info and pictures and hopefully we will be able to make this an annual event!

Director OUI '04