Ottawa Ontario muni anyone?

Anybody out there around Ottawa Ontario interested in riding some trails? I have limited (about 3 hours) muni experience, can climb and ride down some hills (not extreme), and deal with moderately bumpy terrain, but can’t idle or hop, so if you’re really hardcore, I’m not in your league. I am also old, so your street cred is done if you’re seen with me.

Ottawa Ontario muni?

Anyone interested in riding some hills and trails around Ottawa Ontario Canada? A year since the last post, not getting worse. Shoot me a line if you’re up for it. Don’t if you’re not.

Hey Drone. I’m in Ottawa, and I also have two housemates that unicycle. We should ride sometime.

Ottawa Muni spring time

Hey there. Snow’s mostly gone… time to ride some trails around Ottawa - Gatineau. I can’t do hardcore drops or serious rock gardens yet, but have done ski hills. Anyone up for it, shoot me a PM.

I’m from Gatineau! I PMed you! :slight_smile:

I live in Montreal, but used to live in Ottawa and still visit sometimes :slight_smile: